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If you are here, you are searching for a way to optimize your workload and find a smarter balance between the written assignments, other university tasks, and your projects. We are here with essay writing help service to help you make better choices in time management. Find out more about how and why we can be useful for your studies. The essay is traditionally one of the most popular students’ assignments. For this reason, professional help with essay writing has always been among our top priorities. We gained more than five years of experience in helping customers with their essays. During this time, we gained expertise. Our considerable advantage on the market is a team of reliable and experienced authors. There is no use to impose high-quality standards on the employees, not competent enough to meet them. That’s why our essential task was to hand-pick professionals who are truly capable of meeting the highest criteria.

Custom essay writing help from top professionals

We strongly believe that experience and motivation are the keys to success. We gathered other 1,200 expert writers on 40+ university subjects:

  • Nearly 400 authors work with Social Sciences and Humanities;
  • 300+ professionals cover Business & Finances;
  • 150+ writers can help with Engineering & IT;
  • 300+ authors work with Medicine & Nursing.

It means that your essay is sure to find its writer. We have people competent in writing essay help, no matter how unusual the topic might seem. Our team proudly unites authors capable of writing about everything, from AI to nursing shortages in the U.S, from bitcoins to “velvet revolutions” in Eastern Europe, and from Mahayana Buddhism to thriller films.Essay writing help from our authors guarantees excellent grades and an opportunity to learn something new: many returning customers tell us that the information and the ideas they get from the essays we write help them further in their studies.

Help with essay writing on all academic levels

Our writers are either native English speakers or studied in U.K. / U.S. universities. It guarantees their linguistic competence and the understanding of the way international higher educational institutions run. We can work with essays for all academic levels because there are qualified writers:

  • More than 900 of our writers are Masters;
  • In our team, there are also nearly 200 Ph.D. students;
  • More than 50 authors have already obtained their Ph.D. degrees.

Why is it important? Because the essay is a very popular and relevant form of assignment. It might be required in undergraduate and graduate studies, up until the Ph.D. level. Any moment you need college essay writing help, be sure we will find an author just for your specific task and level of studies.

Our algorithms to provide efficient writing help online

Five years of work in the industry helped us hone our managerial skills. We understand that when you need help with your paper, the deadline might be very tight. Thus, we organized our workflow so that every minute contributes to your order’s successful accomplishment. How work our successful algorithms to provide you excellent essay writing assistance?

  • If you need help writing an essay very quickly, we can do it for you in just 3 hours. Deadlines inspire us. What is the secret or our quick turnaround? A team of 1,200+ competent authors: native speakers and professionals who gained university degrees in the USA and Great Britain.
  • Our support team is online 24/7. It means that we will process your order at once. Then, the support assistant will find and contact an author who is online, qualified for your essay, and ready to write it.
  • What is more, our support team is always there to organize your communication with the author. We make sure your author fully understands the instructions and has all the necessary information that will be of help writing essay. When writers are in touch with customers, it minimizes any risk of instructions’ misinterpretation.
  • You can follow what we do. The process is transparent for you: we send notifications on each significant step of the process. For example, you are notified when the author is assigned to work on your paper.
  • We created a user-friendly website for our customers to use it comfortably. It takes just a couple of seconds to place an order – and we start proceeding it at once. Providing essay writing help online is a way to save your time.
  • Once the essay is written, we check it for plagiarism. We guarantee you that your essay is written from scratch.
  • The process is organized so smoothly that we manage to accomplish over 150 orders per day, and we aspire to work even harder.

We know how to use our resources well to ensure you quick delivery of the work you need. If you need a revision, we’ll go through it for you with no extra charge: you have a slot of 14-30 days (depending on the essay’s volume and specifications) to place an unlimited number of revision requests if you find out that the essay does not meet your initial instructions. These situations are infrequent because we have an in-house team of editors to control if the author respects your instructions while writing an essay. Still, if any inconsistency occurs, naturally, you don’t pay for solving the problem.

Professional essay writing help: free tips from our authors on writing an essay that shines

The main feature of an essay as an assignment: it covers a specific topic. We are writing about a problem, or question, with attention to detail.

What do professors want us to do when they assign an essay?

The purpose of the essay as an academic task is to develop independent creative thinking and self-expression. To achieve this goal, structure is of primary importance. A high-quality essay should contain an introduction, where the problem is posed, and the author’s ideas on the topic. Each thesis should be supported by evidence confirming the author’s point of view. Finally, there is a conclusion. It states the problem once again and summarizes the essay.Thus, the key to writing a good essay is having a plan and sticking to it. There is no need to develop an overly detailed plan – it does not guarantee a good essay. The plan is a great help writing an essay. It is a tool that our authors use to understand and define what should be covered in the essay and what is to omit. The key feature of the essay is its concise form. We cannot provide an extensive analysis of the topic on 1-3 pages, that’s why it is so important to organize and select sources and arguments. To draw a bottom line, a plan is our understanding of what we say (and do not say) in the text.We also have to find a strategy to defend our position and build an argument. We do it with quotes. First, we need to find trustworthy sources and then pick up the ideas that support your argument. It has nothing to do with plagiarism: we may use the ideas of other authors; we just need to indicate where we get them from. It is a fair practice of academic writing. We need to use quotes correctly, respecting MLA, Chicago, or APA style, and most importantly, not to overuse them. Imagine you found six great quotes while you have a tow-pages limit. A quote always requires three sentences: first, a statement, then a quote, and then an explanation. Thus, you may not have enough space to use all of these six quotes, so choose two or three very carefully.


What other types of papers do you offer along with essays?

Our experienced authors are ready to help you with such assignments as:

  • Book review
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Literature review
  • Report
  • Term paper
  • Case study
  • Course work
  • Creative writing

and many more.

What levels of college studies can your help service cover?

We cover all academic levels, from undergraduate to Ph.D.

What software tools do you use to ensure a plagiarism-free result?

We mainly use Copyscape. We never use Turnitin to avoid the text’s registration in the database.

Can I calculate an approximate price of my essay on your website beforehand without placing an order?

Yes. We have a calculator for this purpose. You pick your academic level, the number of pages you need, and a deadline, then the system gives you the price. Note that the final actual price might differ if you have some specific instructions. Also, if you don’t wait until the last day, you’ll pay less. Stay tuned to get other useful tips to live through your college, and check out for our cheap essay writing help to make the most of your studies.

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