Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I trust you confidential information?
Of course, you can trust us. All the personal information that you submit through website remains confidential and won't be ever disclosed to any third-parties. Only our Customer Support Representatives have access to the data received from you. For more information please visit our Privacy Policy page.
2. Can I review the product before I pay for my order?
Unfortunately, you can’t. All our services are pre-paid before the writer is assigned to work on your order. That way we can guarantee that our writers will be paid for the work they’ve done.
3. How can I order with you?
The ordering process is so easy with us! You can place a quick order through the order form on our website or fill it out in your control. Also, you can ask our Support Agents to help you if you have any questions and you don’t know what should be included in this or that field.
4. I’ve just uploaded my order instructions. When will you find a writer?
We encourage that you provide us with as many paper details about your order as possible. When the payment is made, we will start looking for the writer. When the writer is found and assigned, the status bar in your control panel will change to “Writer Assigned”.
5. Who will prepare my paper for me?
We work with a team of professional writers and that is why you may be sure that your order will be completed by an expert in the field and in the topic you need the paper on. We work with the best writers from the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Once your order is placed with us, we will look for the most suitable writer to prepare a high-quality paper for you.
6. Can you complete any online tests for me?
Our writers are able to solve various choice tests and multiple choice questions but only if they are uploaded for us. According to our Terms of Use policy, we cannot login to any online systems to submit the work there.
7. What types of works do you write?
We have hired writers who are experienced in writing of different types of papers no matter the format of the work. They include essays, research papers or literature reviews, articles or reviews, term papers and dissertations as well. The list of our services, however, is not limited to academic writing only. Individual, web or business writing is our specialization too. You can be sure that any type of work will be written from scratch and up to your instructions.
8. Will my work be 100% unique and original?
We say NO to plagiarized or pre-written works! We deliver papers that are written from scratch only and check them for plagiarism with special detectors to make sure they are 100% original.
9. Do you use TurnItIn to check my paper for plagiarism?
Yes, we can do it upon your request! If we check your papers with TurnitIn it will not register in the database and you will be able to submit it later. We know your fears and we know to use this plagiarism scanner safely.
10. Is there a risk to get a pre-written work from you?
There's no chance to get a pre-written work from us. Each and every paper is custom written per your instructions. We respect our customers and take care of every single paper as if we prepare it for ourselves. Work done from scratch is our one and only purpose.
11. How will you format a paper for me?
When we get to formatting the paper for you, we stick to the instructions you provide us and there is no other way. Our writers are familiar with many formats, including MLA, APA, Chicago and others. If you do not have any strict requirements, we follow the default formatting standards. They stand for 12pt Arial/Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins on all sides. Normally, a single-spaced page include approximately 550 words, while a double-spaced page has about 275 words.
12. Are title and reference pages included in the price of the order?
They are! You do not have to pay extra for these pages as the writer will complete them free of charge.
13. Is table of contents/outline available?
Table of contents/outline is available as a separate extra for an additional cost. You can add it to your order in the control panel on the order page or ask a Customer Support Representative to add it. See the full list of our extras on the Prices page.
14. How do I receive my paper when it is ready?
Once our writer has finished working on your paper, it will be uploaded to your Control Panel. We will notify you about it by email. Then you need to login to your account where you will find your ready-made paper in the ''Files'' section of the “Orders” page. If you have no comments as to the completed paper, you can press the ''Approve'' button and download your work in the MS Word version. If you want to make some changes, you can send it back to us for up to three free revisions.
15. I'm not satisfied with my paper. What should I do?
According to our Revision Policy, we provide you with 3 free revisions if you are not satisfied with the paper you received from us. If you are not happy with the first revision, you can ask our Customer Support Representative to change the writer for you. If you are still not satisfied with your paper, your manager can look for any convenient solution for you. More details can be found in the Revision Policy section of our Terms of Use.
16. Can I get my money back and how?
We have a very small percentage of giving money back to our customers because there's usually no need to. Our customers are happy with the works they receive. Though to make all our clients happy, we can easily give 100% money back should the need arise. To get more information, please see our Money Back Guarantee section in the Terms of Use.
17. May I contact my writer directly to avoid miscommunication?
Yes, of course! To make your experience even easier, we give you an opportunity to contact your writer through the message section of your order in your control panel. This way you can discuss all important questions about your order with your writer and avoid miscommunication. In case your writer is unavailable, please contact Customer Support Representatives and they will give him a call.
18. Do you have a money back guarantee?
Or course we do. Even though our service is pre-paid, you can get your money back in case anything changes. We understand that your assignments may get canceled or just rescheduled. Our full money back guarantee can be found in the Money Back Guarantee section on our Terms of Use page.
19. Can the writer use specific sources?
Yes, our writer can use any materials that you provide. If the sources are available online, you can just send them a link, if not - you can upload the needed sources in the “Files” section of your order.
20. Is this cheating?
No, it is not. Often you need to understand what needs to be written and how before sitting down to type the assignment. This is why we are here. Our writers help you understand how your assignment needs to be written, what it should include and the structure it should have.
21. When will I get my paper?
Our deadlines start at just 3 hours. So if you need a couple of pages done right away, you can choose this deadline. However, if you need to lower the price, you can order with the deadline of as much as 14 days. Our writers deliver their first version of the paper within this deadline. Often, they even try to deliver the paper earlier.

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Paper Writing Service – Break All the Limits On the Way to Your Assignment!

Before you make a decision to order your paper with our customer friendly team, you may want to know more about us and get a little closer to make sure that you can trust us.Who we are and what we can do for you? is a paper writing service that works 24/7 to help students all over the world get their various home assignments done as soon as they need them. With this mission in our hearts and minds we want to remind all young people that there's life beyond the school walls with piles of books. You can still have ordinary evenings spent in the way you expect them to be.Our initial purpose is to provide help when you are running out of time or got stuck with the writing process. We no way try to tell you that school is not important. It is for sure! And we want to motivate you to move forward. But when you are stuck and do not know what to do, motivation often lacks. In any critical situation we are ready to help!First of all, we are humans. Most of us were students some time ago, we are actually students now as we keep on learning to make you happy with your assignment when it is done and delivered. With this in mind, we treat you as best as it is possible.Our team appreciates your time and knows how important any deadline, quality of each paper, and your personal convenience and comfort are.With you can break through all the limits that meet you half way – urgent deadlines, lack of sources or inspiration, uncertainty in relevance of the content of your work. In addition to help you get from our writers, you will enjoy the most convenient service imaginable.Meet those who will support you along the way:
  • Writers – the foundation “stones” in our Team, who make our existence possible. They are your reliable helpers in any question of your order.
  • Quality Assurance – the cement that keeps our stones together. The quality of your paper wouldn't be so perfect without them.
  • Customer Service Representatives – your faithful guidance and friends who can find the right solution to any question or concern you may have.
Once you get their assistance, you will never want to look any further. This Team is our ground, motive and driving wheel to the result you get when you read an essay from us in front of your computer or from your phone. We can even imagine your face and how satisfied you are when you see that all of your requirements are followed and you got your paper on time!

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Order Form
Order Form
Fill out all the fields in the form (please do it attentively and correctly on your first try as the supplied information can't be altered afterwards). When placing your order with for the very first time, a system will automatically create an account for you. Once your order is placed, check out and confirm an email delivered to your electronic address.
Payment submission
Payment submission
We provide secure payments with Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AmEx card. All your payment transactions go through a secured online payment service.
Order in progress status
Order in progress status
Supply extra sources you have (if necessary). Cooperate with Customer Support Representatives / your author. Wait until your paper is prepared.
Order delivered status
Order delivered status
Review the prepared paper previously in .jpg format. Click on Approve button and download it in Word .doc format. Apply for three free revisions, if necessary.
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