Privacy and Cookies Policy


This Privacy and Cookies Policy document is the specific form of agreement. You enter into this agreement with us by giving your full consent. You give your full consent to enter into this Privacy and Cookies Policy agreement when you open the website in the browser on your device. Therefore, according to it both we and you will have mutual legal rights and obligations. This Privacy and Cookies Policy is as follows applicable to you while you use the website.

Your use of the website shall be considered as unlawful and thus prohibited if you disagree to enter into agreement according to this Privacy and Cookies Policy terms. Therefore, please close our website promptly and do not make any orders of any services we provide.

For your convenience the website will be referred to as “website” and anyone who opens the website in the browser on the device will be referred to as “you”.

The collected information.

When you open the website in browser on your device the process of collecting the information about your browser type, operating system, and access time starts automatically. Knowing this information does not allow us to identify you. We do not pursue a goal to learn the personality of those who visit our website. This kind of information is only used for improving the content on our web pages, customizing it and/or creating the layout of our pages in a better way.

You will be also asked to give us some of your personal information not only if you want to browse the website, but place your order with us and apply for the text material to be prepared. We will require your e-mail, your phone number, your driver’s license copy or your national ID and limited data from your credit card.

Your email address may be used for sending you notifications related to the most important stages of order fulfillment such as clarification of any issues, unread messages, and order completion.

We may also use your email and telephone number for promotional and marketing purposes in order to inform you about our special offers and discounts, etc. By choosing VIP customer service, you will be informed with the notifications to your mobile device about when the writer starts working on your paper and when it is prepared.

When you place your order, we may ask you to provide us with your driver’s license copy or your national ID and some data from your credit card. We need only your first and last name along with the last four digits on your credit card to be visible.

Use of your personal information.

We collect some amount of information about you while you use the services we provide. In any case, the main reason why we collect this information is to improve your user experience.

Giving your full consent to this Privacy and Cookies Policy means that you agree that purpose of collecting your information is sufficiently specified, explicit and legitimate. You confirm that information about you is adequate, relevant, accurate, complete, up-to-date and not excessive regarding the given purpose.

According to this Privacy and Cookies Policy the information is considered to be collected fairly and lawfully. We do not intentionally collect any information about you without your full prior consent. Originally, you personally provide us with this information. Though, we may collect your information by ourselves if you agree.

You may provide us with your information while you fill out any forms or questionnaires, identify your personality or interact with us in any other way possible.

Additionally, we may collect information about you by tracking your activities and communications within our website or monitoring your transactions within our website by means of cookies and/or other similar instruments.

We never collect the information which concerns or reveals your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious, philosophical or other beliefs of a similar nature, trade union membership, physical or mental health and condition, sexual life or criminal convictions.

We try to follow the top notch standards when we collect and use your personal information. And for that reason we regard any complaints that we receive about this issue very seriously. We encourage people to inform us in case they think that we collect or use their information unfairly, misleadingly or inappropriately. We also welcome any recommendations how to make our procedures better.

If it is necessary we will be happy to give you any additional information or explanation. Please send all your requests to

We try to be as open as we can without hiding from people access to their personal information. It is possible to find out if we hold any personal information about you, if you make a “subject access request” under the Data Protection Act 1998. In case we do really hold your personal information, then we will:

  • grant you a full description of it;
  • give you the reason why we are holding it;
  • inform you to whom it could be disclosed;
  • allow you to have a copy of the information in an intelligible form.

In case you do not want to receive any emails and SMS notifications from us, please contact us to inform us about it. Once your request is received, we will stop sending you any messages without unreasonable delay.

All the data provided by you in the order, inquiry pages or your personal account is processed with the use of the SSL-certificate, which guarantees full confidentiality and safety of all the transactions.

We will take reasonable steps to guarantee your safety and preclude any possible access from third-parties to your personal information that we collected. We shall keep our employees duly trained and instructed to maintain your information safe. Though, we will disclose any personal information that we collected about you once our legal obligations require us to do so.

Cookie Policy

All references mentioned in this Cookie Policy document, like “we”,” us” or “our” (and/or any samelike words) refer to (“Website”) which communicates with you.

Mentioning “you” will refer to an individual who is viewing the Website or using it to place orders through it.

If not specified elseways in any other document on this Website, each and every capitalized term specified hereunder shall indicate the same as outlined in the Terms of Use document.

Cookies. What is meant by them?

By saying “cookies” we mean tiny files which are on the computer or any other device you use, and they help us determine that you have visited our Website and what you have observed there. These are the files made of letters and numbers and we send them from our server to store on the computer or any other device you use when entering our Website.

These are exactly the cookies that track and save the information about what you have viewed on our Website. As an example, cookies remember the elements ordered through our Website by you, or help you stay logged in on it.

This means that if you start and proceed with viewing and using our Website, you totally accept the fact that we use cookies that can be of setting or reading types too. Sure, you can delete or make cookies disabled when you wish. After that, however, we will not be able to guarantee that the Website will be working as good as before just because cookies play a vital role in a proper performance of

Kinds of cookies used on our Website. What are they?

We use cookies that save what you have viewed on our Website in between the sessions of your browser and they are named persistent cookies.

Another kind of cookies used by us are session cookies. They save the details about your experience on our Website only within some period of time. Should you close the window of your browser, they immediately disappear from the hard drive of your computer. Why we use them? They simply help us protect the internet banking procedure and make it more secure. Along with it they are necessary for the webmail.

Here are the essential reasons why we use cookies:

  • To make the ordering process possible for you. If your cookies are disabled, it can be impossible to place a new order through the Website.
  • To make it possible for you to use our live chat all day and night and stay in contact with our support managers.
  • To help you be signed in.
  • To track all activity of yours at our Website by means of Google Analytics instrument.

See this cookie table containing the major types of cookies used on our Website

We created this table with the major kinds of cookies that are used at our Website, where we explained the purpose of each type.

Cookie Name Purpose
_gat, __utmz, _gali, __utma, _utmb, __utmc, __utmt, _gat_UA-26122131-1, _ga The following type of web analytics cookies is given by Google Inc. All these cookies are used in order to et information about our visitor’s use of the Website. This information is important because having it, we can make our Website better for all our visitors. If you want to learn more, visit Cookies Set by Google Analytics and Google Analytics Privacy Overview
_bcvm_vrid_, bc-visit-id, hide_chat, bc-visitor-id, _bcvm_vid_ We also use the cookies of BoldChat which deliver the interface of webchat and upgrade the visitor’s experience when the are viewing the Website. You can get even more about how BoldChat uses cookies and read the privacy policy here
S, APISID, HSID, NID, GOOGLE_ABUSE_EXEMPTION, SAPISID, SID, GMAIL_RTT, OTZ, SSID These are Google-related cookies (means related to the services like Gmail or Google Maps). Google uses all these kinds of cookies in order to store what each visitor views with the use of Google services on them and prefers on our Website.
PHPSESSID PHPSESSID is one of the cookies that is native to PHP. It helps different Websites store serialized state data. It is used on the Website in order to create a session of the user by means of a short-lived cookies that are usually called a session cookie. Since this type of cookies is not limited by the time frame, it immediately vanishes once the client is closed.
As the PHPSESSID cookie has no time expiration, it disappears when the client is closed.
un1, client_country, un, client_ip, client_start_time, order_page_time, order_time, last_visit, visit_count, first_visit_time, order_type, order_type_new, de_client Identification of visitors is possible with all these kinds of cookies as well as tracking their activity. It refers, for instance, to “client_country” type of cookies that allows us to show you the right country when you open our Website.
datr, reg_ext_ref, reg_fb_gate, fr These are the kinds of cookies that are given by Facebook and are always set after the moment the user has logged in or just uses this service. With the help of all these cookies it is possible for the users to leave comments via a social media or make shares of the articles they find interesting.
twitter_ads_id, guest_id By means of these Twitter cookies that usually go together with various Twitter plugins, it is possible for the users to follow our social media accounts in Twitter and share any content via it, also – display the most recent tweets we post there. Using these types of Twitter cookies helps us make our service much better for our users.
__ar_v4 AdRoll is used at our Website in order to help us show an advertisement for you upon your interests. This is where cookies, such as “remarketing cookie”, can help us do this when you are browsing our Website. It is provided absolutely privately.
sign_up_form, banner_show, marketing_info, client-lead-informer-closed, app_banner_close, go_back_modal_shown, thnks_banner_close, check_cap, client_lead, client_leads, discount_code All the mentioned kinds of cookies store information that helps us keep track of the preferences of all the visitors of our Website. Along with it, they turn out to be helpful when we are working on improving the user experience on our website. This includes showing you one and the same message only once when you are staying at our website.
wordpress_test_cookie In case you go to the login page, WordPress sets this kind of cookies. And this very type of cookies helps us verify if the web browser you use permits using cookies or not.
wordpress_logged_in_xxxxxy By means of this kind of cookies used by WordPress, it is possible to determine of when you log in and who you are.
wp-settings-time-xxxxx, wp-settings-xxxxx This kind of WordPress cookies helps configure how you see the interface of admin as well as the interface of the main website.

What can you do if you want to delete or just block cookies that we use?

At any moment you are able to delete or block cookies used at our website if you wish. As already mentioned, after doing it there’s no guarantee that our Website will look and work in the same proper way as before just because cookies are very important for providing a good functionality of any website.

Also we apply such instrument as Google Analytics in order to review how visitors enter our Website. Any information that is set into cookies and remembers how you are browsing the Website is rendered to Google. It is done with one and only purpose of making reports with statistics that will sum up the the information about the activity on our Website.

To learn more about cookies and the ways of how to handle or even delete them is given here

If you wish to protect yourself from tracking by Google Analytics on any website you visit, go here

Keep in mind that we never collect any information that can identify your personality by means of cookies, including those used at our Website.

Final terms.

This Privacy and Cookies Policy document is the full and complete agreement regarding our relations. Neither you nor we shall trust any verbal or written information if this Privacy and Cookies Policy does not refer to or include this information.

In case you or we fail to force the performance of any term included into this Privacy and Cookies Policy will not constitute a waiver of rights to subsequently force such terms or any other terms included into this Privacy and Cookies Policy.

According to this Privacy and Cookies Policy any notices and reports shall be considered as received within one day since the report or notice was sent.

There is no information included in this Privacy and Cookies Policy which establishes any kind of partnership, employer-employee relationship or joint venture between you and us. Neither you nor we shall be authorized to act as an agent for each other, nor shall you or we enter into any agreement or contract on behalf of the each other as representative or agent.

If any appropriate authority finds any term included into this Privacy and Cookies Policy as unenforceable, then this terms shall be changed, rewritten or interpreted to include as much of its nature and scope to render it enforceable.

We may be change, amend or modify this Privacy and Cookies Policy at our sole and absolute discretion without any notices or warnings.

This Privacy and Cookies Policy document was last updated on 17 May 2017.

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