160 Process Analysis Essay Topics

If you have ever had to read or write instructions, then you are already well aware of the concept of a process analysis essay.

When a teacher assigns this type of essay, they want the student to describe how to complete a particular task step by step. While it may seem relatively simple to describe the process of washing dishes or changing a flat tire, there is more to it than just that.

A process analysis essay actually requires a lot of preplanning and detail to ensure that no step is missed that could lead to a mistake. The purpose of the essay is to simplify a complex task so that the reader can learn how to complete it themselves without error or frustration. And by reading your essay, they should be able to do just that.

If you have been assigned a process analysis essay but are having trouble figuring out what process to write about, worry not! This list of 160 process analysis essay topics, along with a handy guide for how to write them, will ensure that you get the grade you need to pass your class and earn your degree.

Essential Factors of a Process Analysis Essay

When it comes to writing a process analysis essay, there are a few guidelines to consider.

Keep It Simple

While each assignment will vary, process analysis essay topics can be as simple as washing the dishes or as complex as filling out tax forms. As such, you need to keep your writing style and vocabulary level consistent with what is required for that particular task. And regardless of the topic, the instructions should be written clearly and simply enough for any reader to follow.

Don’t Skimp on The Details

A process analysis essay is detail-oriented, which means there’s nothing that should be left out of your essay. If you plan to write about how to make a cup of tea, for example, do not neglect the type of tea used or the amount of time it should be steeped.

In order to provide enough information for readers to complete the task successfully, you must focus on every single step involved in completing that task.

Start at the Beginning – Finish at the End

A process analysis essay is written chronologically from the first step to the last step. Therefore, avoid jumping between steps or bringing up steps not related to the essay’s main topic.

How to Write a Process Analysis Essay

When it comes to the actual writing of the essay, you’ll need to do a bit more than just list out the steps, especially if there is a particular word count or page minimum for the essay.

Assuming that it is a standard process analysis essay assigned for a class, the general rule is that it should contain:

  • An Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs (One for each step)
  • Conclusion

The length of your essay will depend on how complicated your process is and how many steps must be completed to accomplish the task.

The Introduction

The introduction paragraph to your process analysis essay topic should include:

  • The process being analyzed
  • The importance of knowing how to do it
  • A real-world example of the purpose or function of the process

Much like any other type of essay, you will still write a final sentence in your introduction, called a thesis. This thesis statement will provide a roadmap for the reader so that they understand where the writing will be taking them.

For example, a good thesis for an analysis essay on how to change a tire could be:

“If your car breaks down on the side of the road, following these instructions will ensure that you can safely change a tire and get back to wherever you need to go.”

The Body Paragraphs

Your body paragraphs should include one step for each section. The first body paragraph should detail any materials, prerequisites, instruments, and supplies needed to complete the process. Failure to put this at the start of the body paragraphs could result in the reader missing out on major points and causing them to take wrong turns.

After your list of materials, you can also list any risks or warnings that the reader should know. These include but are not limited to:

  • Using an instrument that they are not familiar with
  • Working in a space that does not have adequate ventilation or is too small
  • Opening the system up to airborne contaminants, etc.
  • Any other factor related to personal safety or prevent them from carrying out the process successfully

Once these vital pieces of info have been covered, you can use the rest of the body to cover the steps with any details that will ensure the reader is able to perform the task.

The Conclusion

The conclusion paragraph of a process analysis essay should include an overview of the process and describe the expected result. Avoid adding additional steps to the process that would not be necessary to complete the process.

160 Process Analysis Essay Topics

Now that you have read through all the steps needed to write a process analysis essay, it’s time to use the list below to select a topic you can write about.

Process Analysis Essay Topics About Math

  1. How to calculate a GPA
  2. How to take apart an algebra problem and rewrite it in standard form
  3. How to find the volume of a sphere with a given radius
  4. How to solve the Rubik’s Cube without taking it apart
  5. How to solve a number pattern using algebraic equations
  6. How to solve for x in an exponential equation
  7. How to find the area of a trapezoid with two known segments
  8. How to find the trajectory of an object
  9. How to find the height of an object in space
  10. How to find the center of mass in a triangular prism
  11. How to find the total surface area of a rectangular solid with known dimensions
  12. How to calculate the cosine, cotangent, and secant using a calculator
  13. How to solve for any variable in a quadratic equation
  14. How to find the least common denominator of two fractions
  15. How to find the moon’s rotation period
  16. How to determine if a point is inside or outside of an ellipse given its focus and x-axis intercepts on the ellipse
  17. How to graph a parabola in standard form to make
  18. How to solve a system of simultaneous equations using the substitution method
  19. How to apply a function using a given formula
  20. How to solve for a variable in an implicit equation that does not have any x variables

Process Analysis Essay Topics About Science

  1. How to use the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
  2. How to calculate the mass of an object using water displacement
  3. How to use Newton’s Third Law to determine rotational motion with three objects involved
  4. How to find the boiling point of alcohol
  5. How to write an observable/unobservable in a lab report
  6. How to calculate the entropy of an ideal gas using the equation S=k*ln(PV)
  7. How to determine if a food has gone bad/is safe to eat by its smell and taste
  8. How to dissect a frog
  9. How to perform autoclave sterilization when preparing lab materials
  10. How to find the volume, density, and mass of a gold nugget
  11. How to conduct an experiment using the scientific method
  12. How to use a refractometer to determine percent Brix in grape juice/wine
  13. How to determine the solubility of a gas by using the Clausius-Clapeyron equation
  14. How to determine the amount of oxygen remaining in an enclosed space based on its volume, temperature, and pressure
  15. How to calculate the mass of an object in motion
  16. How to find the molarity, morality, and normality of a solution
  17. How to dissect a human heart
  18. How to boil water using an infrared light source
  19. How to find the pathogenicity of a virus by growing it on tissue culture

Process Analysis Essay Topics About Archaeology

  1. How to determine the age of an artifact using carbon dating
  2. How to determine the sex of dead people based on their pelvic structure
  3. How to identify plant remains in dirt
  4. How to analyze pottery shards by color, shape, and wear pattern
  5. How to determine the date of an archeological site
  6. How to conduct an excavation
  7. How to work in a field archaeology lab
  8. How to count artifact quantity during an excavation without breaking them
  9. How to find the phytolith density in soil using a magnifying glass and stereomicroscope
  10. How to find the age of a fossil given its location in a strata
  11. How to determine when an extinction event occurred using stratigraphic techniques
  12. How to identify plant parts from macrofossil analysis

Process Analysis Essay Topics About Technology

  1. How to calibrate an instrument
  2. How to rewire a lamp
  3. How to find out if your computer needs maintenance
  4. How to successfully upload videos to YouTube
  5. How to fix a laptop screen
  6. How to wire a light switch that has 3-way functionality
  7. How to write an email
  8. How to create a social media account
  9. How to use an iPhone to find your missing computer
  10. How to use your computer to find your lost iPhone
  11. How to download an app
  12. How to make an app
  13. How to operate a Bluetooth speaker
  14. How to operate a voice-activated virtual assistant
  15. How to record a sound
  16. How to make a Google Doc
  17. How to write C++ code for a program
  18. How to make a word document into a PDF
  19. How to fix photos that are too dark using Lightroom
  20. How to create an infographic
  21. How to set up WiFi on your computer
  22. How to hotspot your mobile data
  23. How to use the Fitbit app for treadmill running
  24. How to fix a DVD player that won’t eject the disc
  25. How to set up your own VPN server on your router

Process Analysis Essay Topics About the Fine Arts/Music

  1. How to compose a song
  2. How to play an instrument (e.g., guitar, piano, drums)
  3. How to create a particular color
  4. How to replicate a photo onto canvas using acrylic paint
  5. How to transfer an image to a canvas using gel medium
  6. How to make a mixed media art piece
  7. How to spraypaint your own shirt
  8. How to print your own t-shirt
  9. How to cast a mold for a bust out of plaster
  10. How to write music on the staff
  11. How to read sheet music/notation
  12. How to conduct an orchestra
  13. How to play a specific piece of music
  14. How to pronounce foreign words correctly in a song using phonetics
  15. How to identify a fake painting
  16. How to restore old artwork
  17. How to give a written opinion on an original painting

Process Analysis Essay Topics About Psychology

  1. How to define the principle of pareidolia as applied to the human brain
  2. How to access a person’s subconscious through hypnosis
  3. How to diagnose clinical depression
  4. How to remove a phobia
  5. How to treat insomnia
  6. How to stay awake and alert without coffee or other stimulants
  7. How to recognize signs of child abuse
  8. How to recognize PTSD in war veterans
  9. How to recognize depression in an elderly person?
  10. How to detect whether someone is lying
  11. How to form a conclusive diagnosis for Alzheimer’s disease
  12. How to determine whether an animal is in pain
  13. How to identify physical symptoms of stress at work
  14. How to motivate yourself to exercise more often if you’ve fallen into a slump

Process Analysis Essay Topics About Home Repair

  1. How to clean the gutters
  2. How to hang wallpaper
  3. How to determine the cause of a roof leak
  4. How to thaw frozen pipes
  5. How to fix a leaky faucet in the bathroom sink
  6. How to fix a clogged shower head
  7. How to paint a ceiling
  8. How to tile a floor
  9. How to remove old tile
  10. How to knock down a wall
  11. How to install a dishwasher
  12. How to install patio pavers
  13. How to paint a room
  14. How to replace a doorknob
  15. How to fix a door hinge that is loose or squeaking
  16. How to repair wall damage caused by water leakage or dry rot
  17. How to recognize and treat a termite infestation
  18. How to fix a creaky step in the stairs
  19. How to mow the lawn
  20. How to plant a vegetable garden in the backyard
  21. How to paint a room with a roller instead of by hand
  22. How to fix a crack in the foundation on your own
  23. How to change the fixtures in the kitchen

Process Analysis Essay Topics About Cooking

  1. How to make a low-fat meal
  2. How to make scrambled eggs
  3. How to poach an egg
  4. How to scramble tofu for those who keep kosher or halal
  5. How to cook dinner using only a microwave
  6. How to grill corn on the cob
  7. How to properly thaw frozen foods
  8. How to clean a cast-iron skillet
  9. How to boil lobster
  10. How to prepare sushi
  11. How to cook rice
  12. How to make Rhubarb pie
  13. How to make a delicious vegan chocolate chip cookie
  14. How to make the perfect poached salmon
  15. How to jar your own jam
  16. How to pickle vegetables

Process Analysis Essay Topics About Travel

  1. How to book an international flight
  2. How to get a passport
  3. How to buy a SIM card abroad
  4. How to apply for a visa
  5. How to rent a car in another country
  6. How to use public transportation in another country
  7. How to navigate the London Tube
  8. How to dock a canal boat in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  9. How to rent an apartment in a foreign country
  10. How to avoid issues at customs
  11. How to send things abroad

Process Analysis Essay Topics About Car Maintenance

  1. How to change your oil
  2. How to fix a flat tire
  3. How to change a fuse in your car

With these handy ‘how to’ process analysis essay topics, students can start outlining their way to a detailed essay that informs the reader of precisely what is needed to accomplish any task.

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