130 Problem Solution Essay Topics

To demonstrate your ability to create a detailed plan using learned critical thinking skills, your teacher will at some point assign you a problem solution essay.

This essay requires the writer to use a reasonable and convincing tone to assure the reader that your idea is the best solution. In addition, they will be looking to see that you use sound logic and evidence to support your ideas.

While many students fancy themselves the solution to the world’s many problems, often, students have trouble coming up with a topic for the essay before they can even begin to write the essay.

Fortunately, for those students struggling with finding a topic, this list of 130 problem solution essay topics, along with a handy writing guide, will help navigate the thought process of planning, creating, and writing a problem solution essay.

What Makes a Good Problem Solution Essay?

To effectively write a problem solution essay, students need to ask themselves a few questions such as:

  • Why is the problem happening?
  • What are the causes of this problem?
  • What happened to lead up to it?
  • How is it negatively impacting society?
  • What solutions will stop the problem from happening?

The answers to these questions will help you discover which is the best problem solution essay topic.

A good problem solution essay may focus on a single cause, or it can detail multiple causes of the issue. It does not have to be limiting.

What does need to happen is a clear definition of a problem and a clear outlining of a solution or solutions that will make the problem go away or at least be less of a problem.

How to Write a Problem Solution Essay?

When writing a problem solution essay, it is best to create an outline for each section to help you organize your thoughts and ideas. Each problem solution essay needs to have the following paragraphs to ensure that your problem and solution are clearly outlined and thoroughly covered in the essay.


The introduction to your problem solution essay should start by explaining the problem. It’s best to assume that the problem is unfamiliar to the reader and provide background details, vivid imagery, and even personal anecdotes that impress how big or bad the problem is.

Once you have done this, you’ll want to define a solution for the problem. This may also be a part of your thesis statement, which is the overall point of your essay written into one final sentence of your introduction. Your solution should be something that:

  • Is added or removed to make the problem better
  • Requires education to make the problem better
  • Suggests a change in rules or laws to make the problem better
  • Describes a compromise that can make the problem better

With all of these details, the reader will understand from the beginning what the problem is and how you intend to make a point of solving it.

Body Paragraphs

Once you’ve created your introduction and thesis, you’ll need to create your body paragraphs that will use your research to support your solution and make the problem better.

Each paragraph in the body should cover one aspect of the problem and the solution for that aspect. As you write, try to personalize the information and connect it to other relevant experiences and events that will strengthen your argument.

Make sure that your solutions are feasible and that they will provide the benefits that you’re promising. Avoid generalities and stick to specifics, as well as provide evidence from credible sources.


The conclusion of your problem solution essay should recap what you’ve written throughout the body and show a call to action for readers that they can take with them to think about after reading. You mustn’t introduce new ideas or concepts in the conclusion, but rather, you’ll want to provide a clear summary of what you’ve already discussed.

Be sure that the conclusion is brief and that it makes sense to readers that they understand exactly what you’re trying to say. You can also use this paragraph as an opportunity to entice readers into further research about the topic.

130 Problem Solution Essay Topics

With the information you need to create a solid and well-researched problem solution essay, the following topics will help you start your next problem solving essay writing assignment with ease.

Problem Solution Essay Topics About Education

  1. How can the education system be improved to meet the needs of students better?
  2. How to make sure high school graduates are adequately prepared for college?
  3. What changes can be made in the way that teachers are trained and evaluated?
  4. How do we address problems with math and science education?
  5. How should students’ knowledge be tested more effectively?
  6. Is there a better way to homeschool?
  7. How to stop students from cheating on tests?
  8. How to improve the education system in order to produce better students?
  9. Is technology used effectively in classrooms to provide educational benefits?
  10. Are there ways outside of school for kids to get more education during their summer vacation?
  11. Is homeschooling a better choice than traditional schooling?
  12. How can we make sure the current education system creates successful students and responsible adults?
  13. Is there anything that educators can do to encourage kids to be more interested in school and learning?
  14. What is the best way for teachers and parents to interact with each other regarding their children’s education?
  15. Are schools doing enough to help students deal with the pressures of being constantly connected to technology?
  16. Is it possible to fix some of the problems with education by having more hands-on learning or virtual classrooms?
  17. What are some good things about schools that people miss out on when they complain about school issues?
  18. How can schools be made safer for students?
  19. How can schools be made safer for teachers?

Problem Solution Essay Topics About Sports

  1. Should marijuana be legalized for athletes?
  2. How can we clean up college sports?
  3. What changes should be made to the college football system?
  4. What needs to change in order to make high school and college athletics more inclusive?
  5. Is it fair or ethical for student-athletes to receive compensation?
  6. How do we address issues of cheating and illegal recruiting in college sports?
  7. Is there anything that can be done to make professional sports more popular among kids?
  8. How should extreme violence in football be addressed by the NFL and NCAA systems?
  9. What’s the best way for organizations to support athletes, coaches, and administrators dealing with sexual assault allegations?
  10. How do we improve diversity in sports journalism?
  11. How to make high school and college sports more inclusive for people with disabilities?
  12. What can be done to help athletes deal with the pressures of fame and expectations from fans, coaches, and even family members?
  13. To what extent should schools allow students to participate in out-of-season sports?
  14. Are there better ways to handle injuries in sports?
  15. What can we do to make sure high school athletes aren’t pushed too hard by coaches and parents?
  16. How do we improve the training of youth coaches and the expectations placed on them by schools and organizations?
  17. How do we reduce pressure felt by student-athletes and encourage more fun and learning?
  18. How can we improve the design of sports equipment, uniforms, and facilities in order to make them safer?
  19. What’s the most effective way for colleges to implement anti-sexual assault education programs?
  20. What better ways can the sports industry work to help people understand the value of diversity and inclusion?
  21. How can we encourage more students to play team sports rather than just focusing on individual sports?
  22. What can be done to help athletes deal with a career in the sports industry after they graduate from school?

Problem Solution Essay Topics About Transportation

  1. What can be done to make sure bicyclists are safe on the road?
  2. How can we make sure people respect the road rules when it comes to driving, bicycling, and walking in cities?
  3. How can we improve public transportation safety to ensure that everyone has access to it?
  4. What changes need to be made to ensure that people walking or riding bicycles aren’t treated as second-class citizens?
  5. How can we improve the flow of traffic to make it safe for everyone on the road?
  6. What needs to be done to protect pedestrians from being run over by cars and trucks?
  7. Is a lack of education a major factor when it comes to traffic safety?
  8. What can be done to improve pedestrian and driver safety?
  9. How can we reduce the number of crashes happening on major roadways?
  10. Is there a way to make walking safer for children?
  11. What is the solution to making bike lanes safer for bicyclists?
  12. How can we make sure pedestrians are safe on major intersections?
  13. What needs to be done to reduce the number of accidents between cars and bicycles?
  14. What are other safety measures that are more effective than traffic cameras?
  15. What can be done to ensure that emergency vehicles have access to major roadways to get people to hospitals quickly?
  16. What can be done to reduce the number of collisions on major roadways?
  17. How do we make sure everyone has easy access to crossing guards and other safety resources in order to keep pedestrians safe?
  18. What is the solution for making mass transit more sustainable and affordable long-term?
  19. What can be done to reduce the number of accidents that happen on bridges?
  20. What are some ways to improve public transportation safety in cities?
  21. What are ways to better protect pedestrians from being run over by cars?
  22. What changes can be made to roads so they can accommodate more bikes and fewer cars while still keeping both safe?
  23. How can we reduce the number of accidents between cars and pedestrians?

Problem Solution Essays About Family

  1. How can we make sure people understand their legal rights when it comes to divorce proceedings?
  2. What can be done to create more opportunities for fathers so they can spend more time with their children?
  3. How do we reduce the number of divorces in the country without creating an unfair bias towards one parent over another?
  4. What custody arrangements can be made to make it fair for everyone?
  5. How can we make sure all custody agreements are being enforced fairly by the courts to avoid any bias from occurring?
  6. What solution encourages more fathers to play a more significant role in their children’s lives?
  7. Is there a way to cut down on the number of frivolous divorces without having one parent take advantage of this?
  8. How can we encourage better communication between couples so they can stay together longer?
  9. What is an effective way to keep the number of divorces in America from going up any further?
  10. How do we make sure divorced couples have an equal amount of custody over their children?
  11. What does America need to do in order to keep families happy and healthy?
  12. How can social workers better help people who are going through a divorce?
  13. What solutions need to be implemented to make child protective services more efficient?
  14. What is the best way for parents to talk to their kids about drugs?
  15. How can parents better speak to their kids about sex to help reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies?
  16. What are some ways parents can avoid having their kids taken away by the state?
  17. What changes need to be made to improve parental responsibility when it comes to their children’s safety?
  18. How can we make sure child protective services are intervening in cases where neglect is occurring?

Problem Solution Essay Topics About Health

  1. What solutions would increase vaccination rates?
  2. What is the best way to make sure people get regular checkups?
  3. What needs to be put in place to make America healthier?
  4. How can we discourage smoking?
  5. What can be done to keep children from growing up in a home where smoking is occurring?
  6. What can be done to reduce the number of deaths from cancer in the country?
  7. How should childhood obesity be dealt with?
  8. What can be done to keep alcohol consumption down?
  9. What policies need to be implemented in order to help reduce obesity rates in the country?
  10. What is a solution that helps everyone understand their risk factors when it comes to cardiovascular health and how they can reduce their risks?
  11. What can be done to get more people interested in volunteering for clinical trials?
  12. What is a solution that gets more people to donate organs after they have passed away, so there is less of a waiting list for transplants?
  13. How can we reduce the number of accidents that occur while using machinery and heavy equipment?
  14. How can we reduce the number of fatal workplace accidents in America?
  15. How do we get the government to back the national Do Not Resuscitate policy to be more widely adopted?
  16. What solutions can be implemented to stop unnecessary deaths from occurring?
  17. What can be done to promote more ethical and transparent practices within the medical industry that keeps both doctors and patients safe?

Problem Solution Essay Topics About Social Issues

  1. How do we get more people to vote?
  2. How can we make sure people in America get a proper education no matter where they live, who they are, or how much money their family makes?
  3. How is public education in America failing students?
  4. How do we encourage more support for alternative lifestyles?
  5. How do we make sure children growing up in homes where both parents are not of the same sex get equitable support?
  6. What is a solution that helps reduce bullying and discrimination in schools?
  7. What solutions would encourage more people to adopt children with special needs?
  8. How can we encourage people to be more empathetic towards homeless people?
  9. How can we encourage a better understanding of mental illness?
  10. What solutions will make sure people understand the reality of suicide and depression, so they receive help instead of being judged for their feelings?
  11. What is a solution that helps parents better deal with their children’s mental health?
  12. How do we make sure police officers are more adequately trained to deal with people who have mental illnesses?
  13. What are some solutions that can help reduce the number of protests and riots taking place across America?
  14. What is a solution that helps families stop generational poverty in their communities?
  15. How do we keep employers from discriminating against former offenders when it comes to hiring practices?
  16. How do we stop discrimination in hiring practices?
  17. What is a solution that helps America’s changing population shift towards more progressive and accepting policies?
  18. How can we help people better understand the rights of the LGBTQ community, so they are treated equally under the law?
  19. What solutions would encourage local businesses to hire former offenders who have done their time and completed all required programs?
  20. What are some solutions that would help people who have been released from prison get jobs so they can become productive members of society?
  21. What solution helps people with criminal records find housing and employment opportunities once they have completed their sentence?
  22. How do we continue to encourage immigration without allowing immigrants to take advantage of our social programs?
  23. What can be done to ensure illegal immigrants assimilate with the people already living in the country legally?
  24. What solutions would encourage both native-born and immigrant populations to come together and acknowledge each other’s backgrounds and goals when it comes to their futures in America?

Problem Solution Essay Topics About Environmental Issues

  1. How can we help save the environment?
  2. What is a solution that helps reduce carbon emissions?
  3. What solutions will require people to change their lifestyles to include more recycling and less overall consumption?
  4. How can we encourage more energy-efficient products to be manufactured for both personal use and business practices?
  5. How can we help save endangered species?
  6. How can we make sure that bad practices aren’t polluting water?
  7. How do we make cryptocurrency more environmentally friendly?

With these 130 problem solving essay topics, any student will be able to clearly and logically present helpful solutions that will improve the world we live in, and hopefully inspire others to join them!

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