130 Causal Analysis Essay Topics

Students given a writing task in which they must explore the “Why” of a particular event, pattern, or action must complete what is known as a causal analysis essay.

These essays might explain reasons for particular decisions, identify underlying causes of current issues or events, or explain how specific actions played into future consequences.

Writers study their subjects and uncover facts and details before writing the piece, but they do not analyze all facts at once; instead, they use relevant examples that build on subtle connections to lead the reader to a larger conclusive argument, point, or perspective.

Is Writing a Causal Analysis Essay Hard?

While not as technical as other forms of essay writing, causal analysis essays still have challenges that students can find challenging to navigate.

One of the biggest problems with causal analysis essays is that students get lost in their own thoughts and fail to clearly connect them to their subject matter, losing sight of what they are trying to prove or say.

For example, suppose a writer is trying to explain why poverty exists in certain areas. In that case, they should not jump to conclusions about the causes of poverty unless they have clearly shown how those conclusions are related to the data they have provided.

In addition, writers often try so hard to prove a point or support a theory that their writing drones on monotonously and loses the readers’ interest.

Even with excellent writing skills and a pen full of inspiration, it is easy to get lost in thought when explaining complex causal relationships in writing. This is especially true if a student is already distracted by other obligations related to home, school, work, or other extra-curricular activities.

How to Write a Causal Analysis Essay?

Writing a causal analysis essay starts with a student’s ability to ask relevant questions about a situation and think critically.

In order to have a strong writing piece, they must be able to identify evidence in their subject matter that can support specific points they wish to make.

When explaining the “why” of a particular event or action, students should avoid making conclusions until they have exhausted the evidence to support their statements.

Having an organized study plan can make it easier for writers to gather information before moving on to the next stages of writing the paper.

When it comes to writing a causal analysis essay, its best to create an outline that details each section of the paper as follows:


Clearly state the topic of your paper, and provide a brief explanation as to why it is relevant to you.


The introduction of a causal analysis essay should start with an opening statement that draws the reader’s attention.

After the statement, introduce your main points and provide evidence that will be used to support your argument.

Once you have set up the introductory details, you’ll need to end your introduction paragraph with a thesis statement that provides insight into the essay’s main argument.

Pro Tip: Don’t simply verbalize what the essay is about. Because of the nature of a causal analysis essay, it is essential to craft a thesis statement that hints at the argument you will make but does not give away all of your evidence.


The body of a causal analysis essay should be organized in a way that allows the reader to follow your line of thinking easily.

Each paragraph in the body should focus on one piece of evidence that supports your main point.

In order to avoid overwhelming the reader, it is best to break down complex evidence into digestible chunks.


The conclusion of a causal analysis essay should summarize your main points and leave the reader with a lasting impression.

In this section, you also want to restate your thesis statement and connect it to your conclusion.

A strong causal analysis essay contains clear and precise writing with a very specific focus.

By following the outline above, students can easily organize their thoughts into a more concrete understanding of what they are trying to say.

Helpful Hints When Writing a Causal Analysis Essay

When writing about complex subjects like poverty, it is easy for writers to get carried away with their own opinions and assumptions.

In order to avoid this, writers need to remain objective and impartial when gathering information for their essays.

In addition, it is also helpful for writers to use scholarly sources that provide expert insights into the subject matter at hand.

Lastly, always remember to double-check your work.

Even the best writers can get caught up in the nitty-gritty details and miss something obvious. So take a step back, re-read the essay to look for spelling and grammar errors, and if you’re still not satisfied, then give it another once over before you hand it to your instructor.

130 Causal Analysis Essay Topics

With the helpful writing tools above, students can combine their own personal insights with academic research to produce a well-written causal analysis essay.

Are you struggling to come up with an idea for a topic? No problem! These 130 causal analysis essay topics are sure to help students brainstorm their next paper.

Environment & Animal Life Causal Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Why are there signs in national parks that tell visitors not to feed wild animals?
  2. What factors contribute to deforestation?
  3. Who has the greater impact on climate change: humans or animals?
  4. How can we establish environmental policies that positively impact the future of plant and animal life?
  5. Why are there endangered species?
  6. What can humans do to help save endangered animals?
  7. How should people respond to global warming as it relates to animal conservation?
  8. What can be done to protect wildlife from human interference?
  9. Why do some animals migrate and others don’t?
  10. What are the effects of climate change on animal behavior?
  11. How does overpopulation impact the environment and animal life?
  12. How do human interactions with animals affect their populations?
  13. What is the impact of pollution on animal life?
  14. How do ecological reserves benefit animals?
  15. How does deforestation impact animals?
  16. What can be done to protect animal habitats?
  17. What is the best way for humans to protect their environment?
  18. Why are invasive species a threat?
  19. What solutions exist to help reduce global warming?
  20. How do zoos contribute to conservation efforts?
  21. How is it morally wrong to keep animals in captivity?

History Causal Analysis Essay Topics

  1. How does history repeat itself?
  2. What factors contribute to war?
  3. How does propaganda influence the actions of people?
  4. What are the consequences of genocide?
  5. What is the difference between a revolution and a civil war?
  6. How do social norms affect history?
  7. What is the role of women in history?
  8. How does culture influence the actions of people?
  9. How has technology changed warfare?
  10. What is the difference between postmodernism and globalization?
  11. What events led to World War 1?
  12. How did World War 1 affect the world economy?
  13. How does history repeat itself in terms of war tactics and technology?
  14. Why do some countries have a higher propensity for violence?
  15. How does history affect race relations in the U.S.?
  16. How did British Colonialism change the culture of India?
  17. How does imperialism still impact societies in modern times?
  18. Why do some countries seek self-determination?
  19. How does religion affect history?
  20. How did the Cold War change international relations in Africa?
  21. What is the difference between military technology and industrial technology in modern warfare?

Social Science & Human Behavior Causal Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Why do people lie?
  2. What motivates people to commit crimes?
  3. What are the effects of bullying on victims?
  4. How does social media affect the development of teenagers?
  5. What causes teenage pregnancies?
  6. How does poverty affect human behavior?
  7. How does mental illness manifest itself in humans?
  8. What is the difference between addiction and compulsion?
  9. What are the benefits of being an introvert?
  10. How do humans deceive themselves?
  11. What are the effects of self-esteem on human behavior?
  12. Why is sociopathy stigmatized in modern-day culture?
  13. Why is femininity in males seen as a weakness?
  14. How can masculinity in females be a positive thing?
  15. Is the idea of gender just a myth?
  16. What causes people to conform to societal norms?
  17. How do humans create their own reality?
  18. What contributes to better emotional intelligence?
  19. Why are physical features and traits more favored than intellectual ones?

Political Science Causal Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Why are some political systems more effective than others?
  2. How are democracy and totalitarianism different?
  3. What is the purpose of creating policies?
  4. What are the benefits of federalism?
  5. Why are some forms of government efficient while others are not?
  6. Does poverty cause terrorism, or do terrorists prey on impoverished populations?
  7. Do some societies lack a sense of political efficacy?
  8. What are the consequences of a dictatorship?
  9. How does globalization impact politics?
  10. Why are men’s approaches to politics considered more valid?
  11. Are there any benefits to living in a communist society?
  12. Why is anarcho-capitalism becoming more prevalent?
  13. What is the best way to ensure peace in society?
  14. What is the impact of war on society?
  15. Are there any solutions to ending world hunger?
  16. How does human nature affect politics?
  17. Why do people choose to migrate to other countries?
  18. Why are refugees and asylum seekers stigmatized?
  19. How do international laws fail to meet the needs of human rights victims?

IT Causal Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Why are many current technologies ineffective?
  2. How does technology influence modern-day businesses?
  3. What are the limitations of new technologies?
  4. How do computers affect human interactions in modern-day society?
  5. Are some technologies unethical?
  6. Is artificial intelligence a threat to global stability?
  7. What security concerns surround robotics?
  8. How does globalization affect technology?
  9. Why are some people more resistant to change than others?
  10. What is the future of technology?
  11. How will new technologies be developed in the future?
  12. What ethical concerns surround modern-day technology?
  13. What impact will technology have on the environment?
  14. Are there any disadvantages to living in a technologically-advanced society?

Medical Science Causal Analysis Essay Topics

  1. What are the long-term effects of pharmaceutical drugs?
  2. How do viruses mutate and become resistant to drugs?
  3. What is the difference between a virus and a bacteria?
  4. How does pollution affect human health?
  5. What are the benefits of using plant-based medicine?
  6. What is the best way to ensure proper medical care for all people?
  7. How does industrialization destroy the environment and impact human health?
  8. Why are some diseases stigmatized?
  9. What is the most effective treatment for depression and anxiety disorders?
  10. Do psychiatric medications cause more problems than they solve?
  11. Do industrial chemicals contribute to the development of cancer?
  12. Why are side effects acceptable in medical treatments?
  13. Are there any natural therapies that can cure diseases?
  14. Is there a link between vaccines and autism?
  15. What is the cause of chronic illnesses?
  16. How does stress affect human health?

Economics & Business Causal Analysis Essay Topics

  1. How does monetary policy influence domestic and international economies?
  2. What are the benefits of capitalism versus socialism versus anarchism?
  3. How is the Eurozone similar to or different from NAFTA?
  4. Is there a relationship between economic status and work ethic among humans?
  5. Why are some people more willing to take risks than others?
  6. What impact does unemployment have on society?
  7. What are the causes of poverty among humans?
  8. Why is capitalism still considered ethical?
  9. Why is the relationship between ethics and economics important?
  10. Does economic status limit possibilities for success in modern-day society?
  11. How does economic policy impact human behavior?
  12. How will the rise of artificial intelligence impact the economy?
  13. Are there any solutions to world poverty?
  14. Will global warming cause an economic recession?
  15. What is the most effective way to manage a business?
  16. How do human emotions affect financial decisions?
  17. Is there a correlation between economics and happiness?
  18. Why are some people more successful in business than others?
  19. What is the future of the economy?
  20. How do economic systems perpetuate inequality?

With these essay prompts in hand, you should now feel confident starting your own causal analysis essay. Remember always to stay focused on the topic and be sure to use evidence to support your claims. Good luck!

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