135 Controversial Essay Topics

There’s always controversy in every debate and discussion. Even arguments in various subject matters lead to controversy. Since the term controversy is associated with happenings in society, it would be essential to learn about controversial essays. This article will take a comprehensive look at what a controversial essay is all about.

Controversial Essay In View

A controversial essay has to do with the writer maintaining his opinion, even when the writer’s opinion is contestable. The writer tries to make the reader understand his point of view by using different ideas and examples to explain.

As humans, we are different in almost everything. Both physically and psychologically. When any subject is raised, people tend to have different opinions. Hence, the controversial essay has become a critical aspect of school syllabuses. A controversial essay is meant to help students learn to express their views educationally.

A controversial essay is exciting and, at the same time, complex. You will need to maintain a certain opinion while also backing it up with facts and research data. For writers to be successful in a controversial essay, they need to state and defend their opinion with educated facts. To write a successful, controversial essay, you need to ensure that you use the proper format.

The Format For a Controversial Essay

When writing a controversial essay, your ideas and opinion must be represented using the following outlines:

  • Introduction of the essay
  • Body of the essay
  • Conclusion of the essay

Introduction Of the Essay

This part of the essay should contain the statement thesis. This area is the most vital aspect of your essay. The Introduction is the point where your readers decide to continue reading or not. You must ensure that this section has a hook that engages the readers. The hook should be able to arouse curiosity in your readers.

You might be tempted to introduce readers to your topic right away, but this is the wrong move. You should know that if you can’t capture your reader’s attention with your introduction, they wouldn’t even bother reading the rest of your article.

Body Of The Essay

Your controversial essay takes a powerful shape with the body. It is the section that contains the arguments. The body of your controversial essay is where the writer and the reader spend more time in the essay. The essay should have at least 3 paragraphs.

It is to enable you to explain your points strategically. You can share your arguments in the various paragraphs for better understanding. Also, in this area, you must carry out extensive research to back up your viewpoints with valid points. You should never use a false claim when writing your controversial essay. Key facts are crucial.

Conclusion Of The Essay

The conclusion should be the area that contains the summary of the entire essay. However, most students fail woefully in this area. Therefore, though it’s a summary, it should be taken very seriously, like every other aspect of your controversial essay. To ensure that you write a successful conclusion to your essay, you must ensure you read the entire essay.

The moment you go through every aspect of your controversial essay, you’ll be able to connect the dots to pen down a great conclusion to your essay. Though many viewpoints may be stated during your essay, this shouldn’t leave you in doubt when writing your conclusion. Be precise and straight to the point. Never make any apologetic statement as this might affect the points you made in the article.

How to Select the Right Topic For Your Controversial Essay

You might discover that picking topics for your controversial essay might be challenging. However, we’ve got some great tips to help you choose the right topic for your controversial essay.

Choose a Topic That Interests You

It would be best if you were interested in whatever topic you choose to help you connect better when carrying out research. When you are interested in the topic, research and writing become fun for you. These are essential tips for creating a great essay.

Make Out Time to Read Controversial Essay Samples

When you have finally chosen the topic for your controversial essay, you should read samples of the essay. Reading samples of controversial essays helps you decide if you will engage better when discussing the subject matter or not. Going through different samples of controversial essays also helps you learn more ideas and unique topics you can discuss. Finally, using controversial essay samples can serve as an inspiration for you.

Here are 135 topic ideas from us:

Climate Change & Ecology Topics

  1. Solar power can/cannot replace the efficacy of fossil fuels
  2. Wind turbines damage wildlife patterns too much to be used as effective alternative energy.
  3. Increased wildfires are directly related to climate change.
  4. We have already passed the tipping point and climate change is irreversible.
  5. Carbon capture policies are harmful to the global economy
  6. Polar bears and other endangered species can/cannot be saved by current climate policy.
  7. Modern farming practices and animal husbandry need to be addressed before fossil fuels if we have any chance of reversing climate change.
  8. Overpopulation makes water conservation impossible.
  9. Electric vehicle materials and their power needs damage the environment more than they help.
  10. Microplastics in the ocean are a problem that needs to be addressed in global policy treaties like the Paris Agreement.

Race & Culture Topics

  1. Does race affect college entrance acceptance?
  2. Are HBCUs discriminatory?
  3. Should Critical Race Theory be taught in public schools?
  4. Is there a school-to-prison pipeline in the African American community?
  5. Is Affirmative Action good or bad?
  6. Should more be done to help restore lands to Native American communities?
  7. Should Native Hawaiian be allowed to establish reservation lands like Native Americans?
  8. Statistically, African Americans are 10 times more likely to resist arrest than whites, is this because they are essentially resisting police brutality?
  9. Should African Americans today be paid reparations for slavery?
  10. Is To Kill A Mockingbird a racist book?

Medical & Quality of Life Topics

  1. Long-term nursing home care should be free.
  2. Assisted suicide should be legalized for elderly and terminally ill individuals.
  3. Medicaid spending limits should be increased for the elderly spouse of someone in a long-term care facility.
  4. Should there be an animal/pet bill of rights?
  5. Should frozen embryos be allowed to live beyond 14 days?
  6. Should STEM cell research be deregulated?
  7. Should Marijuana be a schedule 1 drug?
  8. Is enough being done to help mentally and physically handicapped people?
  9. Should the United States have socialized medicine as many European nations do?
  10. Should human cloning be legal for harvesting transplant organs?
  11. Should the name of organ donors be kept anonymous?
  12. Are high blood pressure recommendations too low to encourage the use of pharmaceuticals?
  13. Is enough being done to help people afford their prescriptions?
  14. Should it be illegal to patent a life-saving medication?
  15. Individuals who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 should have to pay higher medical insurance premiums.
  16. People should have to carry proof of all vaccination statuses including MMR, Tetanus, Diphtheria, and COVID-19.
  17. Pharmaceutical companies need more cost regulations.
  18. The state should provide free health care for the homeless.
  19. Do vaccinations increase autism risk?
  20. Should child vaccinations be mandatory regardless of whether or not the child attends public school?

Contemporary Culture Topics

  1. Is enough being done to stop human trafficking?
  2. Parents should be required to take a parenting class before the birth of their first child.
  3. The current juvenile justice system promotes the school-to-prison pipeline.
  4. Should people who fly into space on commercially owned rockets be given their “Wings” by the FAA as NASA astronauts do?
  5. Free pornography on the internet is influencing the heightened rates of sexual assault.
  6. Unvaccinated animals should be removed from an owner.
  7. Dog licensing should be handled at the state level not local.
  8. Pornography use should be tracked the same way marketing ads are.
  9. Social media is crippling our real-world social skills.
  10. Facebook should provide you with information on who has seen/read a post on your wall.
  11. Social media is directly responsible for increased occurrences of body dysmorphia.
  12. Confederate statues and symbols should/should not be torn down.
  13. Prison convicts should not be allowed to earn a college education using taxpayers’ money.
  14. Public land hunting should be banned.
  15. Liberalized fishing damages the genetic base of a fishery.
  16. Night fishing should be made illegal for sensitive species.
  17. The second amendment should be removed from the US constitution.
  18. The second amendment is meant to give citizens the right to oppose the government if it no longer serves the people. Taken in this light, the average citizen should be allowed to purchase military-grade weapons and equipment.
  19. All animal research should be banned.
  20. Gun control should be managed at the state level.
  21. Assault weapons should not be allowed for hunting.
  22. Tobacco products should be banned in the United States.
  23. Earth-mined diamonds should be banned globally now that lab-grown diamonds are available.
  24. The United States should not provide foreign aid to other nations while carrying a national debt.
  25. The insurrectionist On January 6th should be prosecuted for treason.
  26. Globalization is necessary for the advancement of human civilization.
  27. Trickle-down economics doesn’t work.
  28. The minimum wage should be mandated by the Federal government at $15 an hour.
  29. Raising the minimum wage only hurts the economy.
  30. Daylight savings time is unnecessary.

Gender and Sexuality Topics

  1. Should homosexuals in the military be given their own unit or platoon?
  2. Should transgender individuals be allowed in combat units in the military?
  3. Should homosexual couples be allowed to adopt a child who identifies as heterosexual?
  4. Should women be allowed to play in an all-male sport such as American football?
  5. Should gender identification questions be removed from all student surveys?
  6. Should there be transgender-specific bathrooms?
  7. Should reciprocity for same-sex marriage be recognized by states that ban same-sex marriage?
  8. Does the term “Civil Union” reduce the sanctity of the word “Marriage?”
  9. Should same-sex couples be barred from Planned Parenthood resources?
  10. Should homosexual priests & nuns be defrocked?

Technology & Science Topics

  1. Should the development of self-aware artificial intelligence be banned globally?
  2. Has the use of robotics in manufacturing reduced the value of the average worker?
  3. The space program is/isn’t worthy of the tax dollars spent on it?
  4. Should we make more of an effort to mine precious metals from asteroids to reduce the ecological impact of strip mining on Earth?
  5. We should colonize the moon before attempting to colonize Mars.
  6. The current regulations regarding the use of drones are insufficient.
  7. Machine learning needs more human oversight.
  8. Access to technology is the driving force behind the gap between the rich and poor.
  9. Animal testing is a necessary evil to prevent human harm
  10. Cold fusion is impossible to accomplish on a human scale.
  11. GMOs put agriculture at risk as they don’t produce viable seeds.
  12. Overuse of technology is affecting the evolution of the human brain.
  13. Not enough has been done to answer the question of how to decommission nuclear power plants when they reach the end of their performance life.
  14. Space junk is slowing the speed of space exploration and poses a greater long-term threat to satellites.
  15. The Fermi Paradox supports the Rare Earth Theory.

Education Topics

  1. Should tuition costs be lowered for University Distance Learning courses?
  2. Should University online classes have lower earned credits?
  3. Should sex ed be removed from the public school curriculum?
  4. Should schools be allowed to ask children about their gender identity when collecting demographic data?
  5. Is Distant Learning an effective form of education?
  6. Should preschool be free as an extension of public school?
  7. Should athletic scholarships to universities be banned to preserve the quality of education?
  8. It should be legal/illegal for college athletes to have paid endorsements.
  9. Critical Race Theory should be a mandatory part of all public-school curriculum.
  10. Making a university education free will lower academic standards & performance

Politics and Legal Topics

  1. The Electoral College should be removed and the popular vote should be used for determining the outcome of national elections.
  2. Do national security concerns justify surveillance without a warrant?
  3. Should all vaccines be mandatory?
  4. Should the COVID-19 vaccines be mandatory for all medical workers?
  5. Should the death penalty be banned in all 50 states.
  6. Should someone have to earn the right to vote?
  7. Family law attorneys should only be paid if they “Win” which would ensure honorable practices in custody disputes.
  8. We need stricter animal cruelty laws.
  9. All felons should have to register their location not just sex offenders.
  10. The death penalty should be made illegal at the Federal level.
  11. Withdrawing from Afghanistan was a mistake.
  12. So-called junk food such as soda and chips should not be tax-exempt.
  13. Designer clothing and high-priced shoes should be taxed as luxury items.
  14. Student loan forgiveness should be legislated and added to the national debt.
  15. Cryptocurrency should be ratified as the international currency instead of the US Dollar.

Religious Topics

  1. Christian holidays like Christmas being recognized as Federal holiday goes against the policy of separation between church & state.
  2. More Muslim and other non-Christian holidays should be recognized as Federal holidays.
  3. Polygamy in the Mormon religion should be made illegal.
  4. Same-sex marriage should be recognized by all religions.
  5. Evangelical pastors like Joel Osteen should not be granted tax-exempt status.
  6. Abortion is immoral and should be banned.
  7. Same-sex marriage is immoral and should not be recognized by the church.
  8. Divorced people should not be allowed to have a second marriage in a religious ceremony.
  9. All religious institutions should have to pay taxes.
  10. Religion should be taught as an elective in public schools.
  11. The Pledge of Allegiance should be recited daily in schools and include the line Under God.
  12. Teachers should be allowed to display symbols and jewelry of their personal religious beliefs.
  13. Priests who are moved or removed from a community over concerns of child abuse should have to register as sex offenders.
  14. Sex before marriage is immoral and should not be allowed.
  15. Worship leaders who are tax-exempt should not be allowed to endorse political candidates.


In the end, one has to be prepared to do well in writing a controversial essay. Therefore, writing a controversial essay has to do with preparedness and studying. Thanks to the tips we’ve mentioned in this article, you can learn to do so easily. Incorporate our tips into your research and writing plans, and you’ll get the best result.

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