145 Classification Essay Topics

Classification essays are academic papers that classify people, ideas, or objects into particular categories or groups. Students are usually given this type of essay to assess their ability to group data using properties. It becomes easier when you understand how to write a compelling classification essay. First, let’s look at how to structure a classification essay.

How to Structure a Classification Essay

When you want to write a classification essay, the first thing to consider is the structure. Here are the three steps that explain what a classification essay should look like.


Like any essay, the first step to tackle when you want to write a classification essay is the introduction. First, you have to talk about the subject you will be writing on. It is best to give the readers a good idea of the essay’s purpose. Let them know why you are categorizing the subject. Then, use a thesis statement to close your introduction. This will pinpoint your category and provide a summary of the criteria for each category.


The body is another crucial part of your classification essay. It should be at least three paragraphs. Use each paragraph to explain your groups. For instance, if you have three groups to explain, use three paragraphs to explain the three groups. In each paragraph, start by explaining the criteria you used for each group. Always remember to talk about their weaknesses and strengths. Ensure you also use relevant examples to the group you are discussing. You may also have to break down these examples depending on how long your paragraphs are. This ensures you transition seamlessly when going to the next group.


The conclusion is the final step in your classification essay. It’s where you summarize all the groups you discussed in the body. Some classification essays require you to recommend one group over others. Let your readers know why you concluded on the one.

Tips to Write a Classification Essay

The structure is not the only thing you need to write a compelling classification essay. You also have to think of creative ways to make your classification essay engaging and persuasive. A classification essay is not an essay you start without having a clear outline of how it’s going to go. Here are some tips that will help you write a great classification essay to get you started.

Brainstorm on Ideas

If you are given a topic, the first thing to do is think about a few ones that will catch readers’ attention. Next, you will need to decide whether you want to write about things, people, or ideas that can be logically categorized. When thinking about ideas, let your focus be on definite topics. This gives room for comparison, which is the main bedrock of a good classification essay. However, also ensure you avoid topics that have numerous groups. Generally, your categories should be between three to five. The word count of your essay will also determine this.

Choose Your Groups

After you have decided on the topic you want to write on, think about the groups your topic will be separated into. Some particular topics may contain numerous options. So, you have to decide how you will approach the topic. For instance, if your topic is about a group of people, decide if you will split them by age, job, appearance, etc. All of your groups should have a classification that adequately explains them.

Get Things in Order

It is also crucial to decide how you will list and place the groups you are about to discuss. To do this appropriately, you can outline the point you want to discuss in each category. This will let you know if there are any similarities. Identifying these similarities will help you write connecting sentences and make your transitions seamless and smooth. It is recommended to check the paragraphs you have already discussed for comparison. Doing this will help you order your groups in a suitable way for your approach. Apart from the correct order of the essay itself, you also need to ensure your points in every group you discuss are in the correct order. The most recommended method is to write from the most important points to the least important.

145 Classificatiom Essay Topic Ideas

Internet & Social Media Topics

  1. The most effective types of social media posts to increase sales.
  2. The most effective types of social media posts to promote awareness.
  3. The most effective ways to use social media in a branding strategy.
  4. The best social media platforms to target the Boomer generation.
  5. Effective internet memes.
  6. Most popular online game.
  7. Internet news networks.
  8. Social media platforms to communicate with friends.
  9. Online MMORPGs.
  10. Best Online MMOs.

Sports & Athletics Topics

  1. Endurance sports.
  2. Contact sports.
  3. Best freshwater fish species for teaching children to fish.
  4. Best saltwater fish species for experienced anglers.
  5. Small game hunting species in winter.
  6. Competitive martial arts.
  7. Outdoor adventure sports.
  8. Most popular sports franchises in history.
  9. Longest lasting sports dynasties.
  10. Entertaining sports personalities.

Gardening & Agriculture Topics

  1. Most effective monoculture crops for food production.
  2. Most popular open-pollinated vegetables.
  3. Best heirloom vegetables for market.
  4. Ways to conserve water for gardening.
  5. Versatile crops for 21st Century biodiversity.
  6. Locations to plant a garden.
  7. Nutrient-rich soil types.
  8. The best Long day plants for food production.
  9. The best short-day plants for food production.
  10. Methods for growing plants with limited space.

Art & Literature Topics

  1. Novelists of the Beat Generation.
  2. Sci-Fi novels that impacted our culture.
  3. Renaissance era painters.
  4. 20th Century poets.
  5. Japanese Poets.
  6. Modern art movements.
  7. Modern architecture styles.
  8. 20th Century Essayists
  9. Landscape photographers
  10. Oil painters

Celebrities & Well-Known Figures

  1. Entertaining sports figures.
  2. Actresses who made a social impact.
  3. Musicians who influenced social change.
  4. Method actors & their techniques.
  5. Comedians who passed away.
  6. Celebrities who support social change.
  7. Presidential speeches.
  8. Popular military heroes & officers.
  9. Actors who do both TV and movies.
  10. Celebrities who transitioned into politics.

Movies & Entertainment Topics

  1. Types of EDM.
  2. The best horror movies with the highest box office success.
  3. Believable romantic comedies.
  4. Long-running 20th Century Broadway Plays.
  5. Family-friendly Tik Tok challenges.
  6. Best songs of the summer.
  7. Highest-grossing action movies of the 1980s.
  8. Popular music festivals.
  9. Historically popular dance styles.
  10. Successful Trilogy movies.


Politics & Legal Topics

  1. US Presidents who brought about social change.
  2. US Presidents who hurt the global economy.
  3. Influential politicians who never served in the Executive branch.
  4. Supreme Court Justices who championed influential rulings.
  5. Celebrities who successfully took up politics.
  6. Controversial Supreme court rulings of the 20th
  7. Military officers who successfully transitioned to politics.
  8. Costly policies & bills that added to the National Debt.
  9. Highest costing foreign aid policies.
  10. Most influential social legislation events of the 20th

Food & Nutrition Topics

  1. Diet programs to lose fat.
  2. Diet programs that add.
  3. Types of vegetarian diets.
  4. Types of vegan diet.
  5. Best foods to lower cholesterol.
  6. Best foods to detoxify the body.
  7. Superfoods for a healthy lifestyle.
  8. Foods that promote brain health.
  9. Foods that help manage blood sugar.
  10. Foods & beverages that promote dental health.

Fitness Topics

  1. Most effective types of cardiovascular exercise.
  2. Weight training techniques to building muscle.
  3. Exercise programs for optimum athletic performance.
  4. Best exercises for fat loss.
  5. Most effective types of spin class.
  6. Dance styles that promote fitness.
  7. Types of yoga to help maintain balance & flexibility.
  8. Exercises for people over 65.
  9. Exercises for people with limited mobility.
  10. Types of exercise for someone with progressive heart failure.

International Sports Topics

  1. Best Formula 1 drivers of all time.
  2. Best NASCAR drivers of the 20th
  3. Footballers who champion a cause.
  4. Popular national rugby teams.
  5. Olympic swimmers with multiple gold medals.
  6. Track & field athletes with multiple gold medals.
  7. Olympic Gymnasts of the 20th
  8. Historically successful Premier League soccer/football teams.
  9. NBA basketball players who played for another nation in the Olympics.
  10. Best Winter Olympic athletes who never earned gold.

Climate Change & The Environment Topics

  1. Ways to reduce your carbon footprint.
  2. Agricultural practices that add to global warming.
  3. Best electric cars for the environment.
  4. Ways to reduce plastics in the ocean.
  5. Species endangered by climate change.
  6. Ice calving events of the last 25 years.
  7. Alternatives to fossil fuels.
  8. Major wildfire events of the last 50 years.
  9. Most damaging storm events in the last century.
  10. Threatened river systems.
  11. Highest carbon dioxide contributors.
  12. Countries with the highest carbon footprint.
  13. Ecologically recycling materials.
  14. Alternatives to fossil fuels.
  15. Worst oil spills in recorded history.

Education Topics

  1. Bachelor’s degrees with the highest employment rate.
  2. Online research resources.
  3. Useful foreign languages to learn.
  4. Academic extracurricular activities.
  5. High school sports that are most likely to earn a university athletic scholarship.
  6. Elements of traditional learning
  7. Online learning apps.
  8. Special education strategies.
  9. Techniques for addressing reading disabilities.
  10. Best college degrees for working mothers.

Travel & Tourism Topics

  1. Best places for a family vacation.
  2. Best places for a vacation with a limited budget.
  3. Eco-tourism locations.
  4. Best food tour destinations.
  5. Best U.S. Beaches.
  6. Challenging mountain climbs.
  7. Popular festivals.
  8. Scenic cruise destinations.
  9. Rental car agencies.
  10. Island vacations for a family.

Animals & Pet Topics

  1. Best family dog breeds.
  2. Best pets for a single professional.
  3. Animals for a hobby farm.
  4. Horse breeds for inexperienced riders.
  5. Cattle breeds for milk & meat production.
  6. Pet bird breeds for the home.
  7. Guide dog breeds.
  8. Reptiles that require minimal care.
  9. Saltwater fish for aquariums.
  10. Chicken breeds for egg production.

Final Thoughts

Classification essays require a lot of time and attention. The key to writing an engaging and compelling classification comes down to how prepared you are. When you spend a lot of time brainstorming ideas and deciding on the groups, you will realize that classification essays are not exactly difficult. Use the highlighted tips in your next classification essay. They will significantly help you.

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