140 Opinion Essay Topics

Students are expected to express their opinions on a given topic in an opinion essay. Significant points and descriptions that support their argument are expressed. Are you a student? It is critical to familiarize yourself with the concept, themes, specifications, illustrations, and format of an opinion paper before you begin writing it. You can become an expert at writing opinion essays if you follow the instructions in this article!

What Does an Opinion Essay Entail?

It is a creative writing task with issues that gives students a chance to say what they think about a specific topic. Students must be clear about what they think and feel about a matter in a meaningful way. Most of the relevant points listed will need sources to support the author’s arguments.

In opinion writing, each student’s perspective is divided into distinct points. It has clear and detailed explanations to support that augment. The written article sends information to the readers by saying “Hello, audiences” or something similar. The students’ essays most likely use a backing quote from a statement, chapter, or performance in the introduction. Usually, a hypothetical question like “Is the priest a Christian?” or something similar comes next.

Who Needs to Write an Opinion Essay?

International students who want to take an English Language Test such as the IETS or Domingo English Test and aren’t fluent in English have to know how to write an opinion article. High school and university students may also need to understand and learn this. It is meant to help students improve their English skills. It gives them the chance to write in English about what they think and feel.

What Do You Need to Write an Opinion Essay?

Don’t Go Off Track: Often, you must write about the discussion you were given. Going straight to the point is vital in an opinion essay because it could reduce your score.

Indent the First Paragraph: Writing an opinion essay is like composing other types of academic papers. For a good opinion essay, the first paragraph of the introduction should be set apart from the rest of the text.

A Detail Abstract: The part of the essay summarizes what the paper is about. Include all the additional data you want to include in the essay’s body.

Language Structure: It’s okay to include a small volume of casual words but necessary to maintain an in-depth volume of disciplinary and professional words in your writing. This consists of the words: “also,” “as said according to,” “but,” and “consequently.”

Don’t Use Slang: Don’t use internet slang in your opinion paper. Never include words like “Lmao,” “Ohhh,” and “Brb.”

Utilization Of First-person Language: You can write your opinion paper in the first person if you want to share your thoughts.

Don’t Use Informal Punctuation: It is wrong to use irregular punctuation. This consists of things like icons, dashes, and asterisks.

Avoid Using Logical Inconsistencies: Always proofread to check and correct spelling and grammatical errors.

Structure of an Opinion Essay

Students may have trouble with the template of the whole article whenever it relates to opinion writing. Most opinion essays look good with a basic five-paragraph arrangement. Newbies may find it hard to figure out what they will write for every paragraph. That’s why beginning writers could also develop the structure of an opinion essay so they can review it before they start writing. Here is a step-by-step guideline on how to structure your opinion essay:


Talk to the readers and say what the topic is.

Use a quote from a statement, poetry, journal, or play.

Put the citation and the date it was published between parentheses.

The Body Of The Essay

A summary can be made up of just one or two sentences.

A few paragraphs that summarize the whole article

One paragraph that connects to the first subsection of the body.

The First Body Paragraph

  • A statement to back up your claims
  • An illustration
  • Description
  • A paragraph that connects the first and second body paragraphs.

Second Body Paragraph

  • A statement to back up your claims
  • An illustration
  • Description
  • A paragraph that connects the second and third body paragraphs.

The Last Body Paragraph

  • A statement to back up your claims
  • An illustration
  • Justification
  • A paragraph that leads up to the end


An overview of the whole essay in a convincing paragraph


Opinion Essay Topic Ideas

Social, Ethical & Cultural Issues

  1. Should college athletes be paid to play?
  2. Which is the better pet for apartment living, a cat or a small dog?
  3. In a separated family, at what age should children be allowed to choose which parent to live with.
  4. Should men be allowed to use family bathrooms?
  5. Are no-kill animal shelters a good or bad idea?
  6. Should elderly individuals have to pay taxes for renovating an elementary school?
  7. Should traveler vaccination cards be required to include vaccination status for other diseases like MMR, Pertussis, and other communicable diseases?
  8. Do you think professional athletes deserve their astronomically high salaries?
  9. Which athletes are more physically fit hockey or football players?
  10. Which is the better mode of communication, face-to-face interaction or written?
  11. Should men and women be allowed to play on the same coed basketball team?
  12. Should there be usage fees for dog parks, or should they be paid for by local taxes?
  13. Should we defund space exploration to spend that money on social improvement?
  14. Should seniors have to reapply for a driver’s license at age 65?
  15. Should mass transit use like busses and trains be free for all?
  16. Do you think doping should be allowed in Professional Sports?
  17. Is social media damaging our real-world social skills?
  18. Should vaccinations be required for employment in the medical industry?
  19. Has social media become too political?
  20. Is the generation gap real?
  21. Is there more that can be done to make schools safe?
  22. What is the number one thing we should do to stop human trafficking?
  23. Are zoos the ethical solution for wounded and recovered animals?
  24. Should all parents be required to take a parenting class?
  25. Do emojis enhance or hinder interpersonal communication?


Education Topics

  1. Which is better a vocational community College education or a four-year university?
  2. Should late fee charges at public libraries be waived for children’s books?
  3. Should schools teach gardening and agriculture?
  4. Should cursive handwriting be taught in elementary schools?
  5. Should preschool be free?
  6. Should scholarship requirements be lowered to promote affordable access to higher education?
  7. Is the United States education system falling behind global standards?
  8. Is the internet a reliable research tool?
  9. Should financial life skills like how to file taxes and save for retirement be taught in schools?
  10. Should students have to check their smartphones before entering the classroom?
  11. The Pros & Cons of distance learning?
  12. Are gender-based schools a good or bad idea?
  13. Should math & engineering majors be required to take English & Literature courses?
  14. Does reading promote better spelling skills?
  15. Should home economics and cooking classes be taught in schools again?
  16. Should the United States switch to the Metric System?
  17. Should sex education be taught in schools or at home?
  18. Should athletic scholarships be discontinued?
  19. Should students be required to know at least one additional language to graduate high school?
  20. Can a music course be taught online, or should it always be taught in person?


Personal Topics

  1. What is the one thing you would change about your hometown?
  2. If you had $5,000 would you spend it on traveling or invest it in a retirement fund?
  3. How would you address cyberbullying?
  4. Could you live in a shack in the woods for one year without the internet for $100,000?
  5. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?
  6. Which is better for healthy lifestyle cardio or weight training?
  7. If you could travel back in time in your lifetime, what event would you change?
  8. How do you know when a romantic relationship is coming to an end?
  9. Does traveling widen a person’s worldview?
  10. What is the difference between being a traveler and being a tourist?
  11. Which is better paying off current debt to improve your credit score or saving for retirement?
  12. Can fathers be good single parents?
  13. Is a vegetarian diet healthy for your lifestyle in the long term?
  14. Do video games affect your quality of life?
  15. If someone gave you an RV would you use it to travel or sell it?


Science & Nature

  1. Can climate change be stopped, or should we prepare for the worst?
  2. Are electric cars really ecologically friendly?
  3. Should human cloning be legal?
  4. Should we lift regulations on Stem Cell research?
  5. Is the threat of Artificial Intelligence real?
  6. Is autism caused by vaccinations?
  7. Is Eugenics a real science?
  8. Will improving emissions standards globally reduce the impact of climate change?
  9. Do we currently have the technology capable of stopping a near-Earth asteroid collision?
  10. Should nuclear energy development be stopped until we have a safe way to deal with the waste it produces?
  11. Is it possible for “Green Energy” types like solar, wind, and geothermal to replace fossil fuels?
  12. Is deep Fracking good or bad?
  13. Should nuclear cleanup at places like Chernobyl and Fukushima be globally funded?
  14. What can be done to remove trace pharmaceuticals from our drinking water supply?
  15. Is the Earth overpopulated now or will it soon be in the future?
  16. Can coral reefs be saved?
  17. Does Eco-Tourism help or hurt the environment?
  18. Should water from the Great Lakes be used to irrigate crops during times of drought?
  19. Should timber harvesting be banned on public lands?
  20. Is it possible to prevent naturally occurring wildfires?
  21. Is mass agriculture a good or bad thing?
  22. Is light pollution real?
  23. Which should we colonize first, the Moon or Mars?
  24. Is carbon capture viable?
  25. What is the most important thing we can do to reduce plastics in the ocean?


Literature & The Arts

  1. What is the greatest book ever written?
  2. Who was the most talented Renaissance painter?
  3. What is the best musical ever performed?
  4. Who was the greatest classical music composer?
  5. Is the satire in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn racist by today’s standards?
  6. Will paper books become obsolete in the near future?
  7. Is William Shakespeare the greatest poet to ever live?
  8. Who was the greatest author of the 20th Century?
  9. Should William Shakespeare’s plays be rewritten in modern-day English?
  10. What do you think happened to Holden Caulfield after the events of the Catcher in the Rye?
  11. Are self-published books as good as professionally published books?
  12. Is poetry a dead artform?
  13. Does the science fiction genre help drive real-world innovation?
  14. Was Ernest Hemmingway a great author or just a literary celebrity?
  15. Does Renaissance art still influence our culture today?
  16. Should video editing be considered an art form?
  17. Does the writing of Isaac Asimov still influence science-fiction today?
  18. Is classical music dead?
  19. Was Vincent Van Gogh a good artist?
  20. Are political cartoons a true artform or just satire?


Psychology & Mental Health

  1. What is causing the massive rise in cases of antisocial personality disorder?
  2. Should PTSD be classified as a mental disability like clinician depression?
  3. Is there a valid link between concussions and depression?
  4. Is drug and alcohol addiction a disease or a lifestyle choice?
  5. Is there a link between mental illness and increased risk of physical illness?
  6. Does “Screen Time” affect a child’s mental development?
  7. Are pharmaceuticals the best treatment for ADHD?
  8. Does keeping a gratitude journal help with depression?
  9. Should mental health screening be included in employment negotiations just like drug testing?
  10. Is violence on TV and in movies causing more violent crime in the real world?
  11. Does daily meditation help treat depression and other mental illnesses?
  12. Can routine exercise help treat mental health issues?
  13. Can improvements in diet help treat mental health disorders?
  14. Is Tele-Medicine a viable form of mental health care?
  15. Should free mental health care be provided to mental patients?
  16. Do energy drinks affect attention span?
  17. Does stress influence a child’s brain development?
  18. Are children of divorce more emotionally resilient?
  19. Should family counseling be covered by mental health insurance?
  20. Does pornography addiction contribute to sexual dysfunction?



  1. Does the aftermath of World War II still affect the world today?
  2. Has the Cold War truly ended?
  3. Did dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki truly save lives?
  4. Should modern-day reparations be paid to the descendants of slaves?
  5. Was Abraham Lincoln the greatest US President?
  6. Were the people who survived the Depression and World War Two truly the Greatest Generation?
  7. Should the United States have a responsibility for removing mines left behind in Southeast Asia?
  8. Is the United States Supreme Court truly a co-equal branch?
  9. Was Franklin Delano-Roosevelt the greatest US President?
  10. Was Prohibition a good or bad idea?
  11. Which Emperor had the greatest influence on Rome, Julius Caesar or Constantine?
  12. Does British Colonialism still affect the world today?
  13. Would the Founding Fathers approve of our modern-day democratic system?
  14. Was Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the new world a good or bad thing?
  15. Was the Louisiana Purchase a good or bad thing?

Final Thoughts

Students are often given assignments to discuss how and what they think about a particular subject. That is what an “opinion essay” is all about. Descriptions of terms that make sense and some illustrations are vital points to note. One convenient strategy to learn to write a good opinion essay is to conduct more research. It is crucial to examine all the essential facts before writing. These facts include descriptions, themes, illustrations, and standards for writing an opinion article.

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