How an International Student Can Get into the University of USA

When we think about the land of opportunities, the place to be, the leading country in every respect of that word, we think of USA. The United States of America attract a lot of ambitious people, it’s a country that caters to those who want to live their lives to the fullest. The nation also has a lot of naysayers and rubs a lot of folks the wrong way. That doesn’t rule out the fact that almost eighty million tourists visited the United States in the past year and the projected number of visitors is destined to grow in the future. The prospect of a bright life in America appeals to the juvenile part of the world more, and it shouldn’t surprise you that a lot of those young people are aspiring students.

Education in The USA

A progressive educational system is a big part of the country’s success. The most prestigious institutions of higher education are based here and facilities like Stanford, Harvard and Yale are just the creams of the crop of other universities that act as an alma mater to over a million of international students. The third largest country on the planet is used to big numbers and can brag about superiority in other spheres of activity like business, technology, entertainment, science, even politics. Arguably USA is the strongest nation no matter how you look at it! If you are interested in how “an outsider” can pave his or her way into this fantasy world, then you need to learn something.

How to Get a Student Visa

The process of getting into the foreign household of knowledge is not an easy one, it is a very demanding and strict obstacle course that filters out the best candidates for the top level education. The competition is fierce! To get yourself a deserved place in some serious facility, you need to get an F-1 non-immigrant visa, which you can apply for only after getting a place in a university with approved student exchange visitor program. You probably heard a lot of scary stories about the tuition fees in the USA. They are not kind to your pocket! That’s why you will have to provide some factual evidence that will show the US embassy near you that you can afford to pay for the course. Not only that, you need to ensure the interviewers that you intend to leave the country after completing your scholar carrier. Prepare all your documents in advance if you have such an interview in your schedule!

Graduate Study Application

If you already got a bachelor degree from an internationally recognized university, then you can entertain the idea of upgrading your certificate level up a notch in the USA. Studying never stops! For that to happen you need to provide the place of your interest with at least one recommendation letter, a degree certificate, pass a Graduate Management Admission Test and prove that you are fluent in English. A lot of paperwork, that’s for certain. On top of all that you would be required to file a statement of purpose paper where you would elaborate on your motives and desires to study in America. There are no application number restrictions that would restrain you from applying to several colleges, only a fee around 50-100$ for filling out entry papers. Keep in mind that different universities have specific deadlines. The early ones usually take place in January, while regular ones are set for mid-spring.

Financial Situation

The expenses on your course would largely depend on the level of degree you want to obtain – you will have to pay much more for an advanced level education being an international student in a public university than a local student with bachelor-like ambitions. The same rate applies only to private universities if that somehow encourages you. Luckily there are funding programs that some establishments offer to bright students in need, closing their eyes on the financial situation of the enrollees. Your academic achievements can tip the scale in your favor, that’s a good enough reason to study diligently. The living costs in the country vary greatly, with the most expensive places logically being megapolises. To afford a decent roof over your head you would need to find a job, but be warned that work off-campus is not available to international students in their freshman year. You better start saving up if it’s not too late for you!

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