Useful Tips to Increase Your Writing Skills

Main Steps to Undertake in Order to Make Your Writing Wonderfull

Writing skills is the fourth fundamental skill of “communicative competence”, that is, communication skills (or in this case – expressing one’s thoughts for an adequate message transmission). Today you may think that it is necessary for you only for writing college papers but in future, your great writing skills will always help to build a great carried. Check our article to find out the tips that are really working.

Expand the Vocabulary

In order to express yourself clearly, so that you are understood, you need a good active vocabulary: not just the skills of “recognizing” words, but also the ability to use them correctly. To do this, you need to learn how to correctly recognize words in the context (in sentences), and not just in lists.

Work on grammar

Grammar is very important because it improves the quality of your written speech. One of the main rules is to use the correct time forms and correctly use punctuation. Proper punctuation is a great way to make your speech understandable.

Read Regularly

The best way to learn how to write is reading. Reading literature in English is useful in many ways – it’s language, different styles; understanding of culture. Get acquainted with different genres of written speech and find out what words are used for each genre.

Tip: You must be motivated, so choose books or articles on topics that interest you. Read each text several times to understand how to use new words and expressions in the text; write and keep in mind the use of new words.

Just Do It

The process of creating a written text can seem extremely difficult, even unbearable. However, the best way to improve these skills is simply to take a pen or pencil, ( or sit down at the computer) and start creating. Be prepared to write several versions of each text, because the ” initial draft” cannot be perfect.

Some More Little Piece of Advice

  • Learn to write good, full, right, complex sentence. A cool sentence is the basic ingredient of a well-written speech.

  • Include questions in your speech, so it becomes more approximate to conversational.

  • Learn to use “emotionally colored words”; learn to avoid “banal phrases”, so you can deprive your text of originality.

  • Pay attention to the transition from sentence to the next one, from one paragraph to another, make it smooth and logical.

  • Experiment with the “voice” of your text, changing the punctuation and adding a dynamic rhythm.

  • Create a “beautiful stream” by experimenting with the syntax of the sentence. Learn this from the literary classics, you can also take a course in literary criticism and then systematize all your knowledge.

  • Include “fresh”, “sonorous” metaphors in the text.

  • You can use mini-stories, capturing your reader.

  • Think about the reader when writing. Empathy inspires the reader to follow your advice and impress if you write something related to commercial activities.

  • Find a special style of addressing the reader, choose the appropriate tone.

  • Use persuasion techniques; Use the details that will allow your text to play in different colors. When giving arguments, add examples, include citations of experts in your text.

  • And, of course, study your topic in depth. Take an example from the screaming headlines of Cosmopolitan, a rhetoric of advertising texts, read newspapers, poetry, children’s books – they learn to write about complicated simple words.

  • Provide your readers with ideas, advice, comfort, and inspiration – why they open the Internet, newspapers and magazines. Write about something worthwhile and present.

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