165 Fun Essay Topics

Essay writing is a common way for instructors to assess students’ critical thinking, writing skills, and knowledge of a particular topic.

While writing an essay may not always be the most entertaining way to learn, it does help students become active learners who can construct well-supported arguments.

Many students often face various challenges when it comes to essay writing, but the truth is that essay writing can be a lot easier when choosing a fun essay topic to write about.

By choosing a fun essay topic that interests the students, writing assignments become more productive and less daunting.

Check out the four types of essays students can be assigned, along with a list of 165 fun essay topics to write about. By combining these helpful writing tips with the list of fun essay topics, students can easily create well-crafted essays.

The Four Types of Essay

Regardless of the assignment, essay formats can be categorized into four major types. Each type has its own unique purpose and structure. By understanding the structure, guidelines, and formatting of each essay type, students can be sure to ace each writing assignment.

Narrative Essay

The narrative essay is the most common type of essay students will encounter in their academic careers. A narrative essay tells a story and is often used to reflect on personal experiences.

The structure of a narrative essay typically includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction introduces the reader to the story while the body develops the story with necessary details. Finally, the ending wraps up the story and provides a final thought.

To write a solid narrative essay, students should start by introducing the characters and setting of the story. They should also include essential plot points that help develop the story. By providing readers with a clear understanding of the story, students can create an engaging experience for their readers.

Argumentative Essay

The argumentative essay is a typical assignment in many college courses, especially in fields such as history. An argumentative essay presents a claim and defends this claim from a variety of angles. Often, an argumentative essay will be supported by evidence or research that has been collected in advance.

The introductory paragraph of an argumentative essay should introduce the claim and provide a brief background to establish why this claim is necessary. The body of the argumentative essay includes evidence for both sides of the argument while allowing students to present their final argument that should be defended in the concluding paragraph.

The three types of arguments that can be included in an argumentative essay are affirmative, negative, and alternative. An affirmative argument supports the claim, while an opposing argument denies the claim. Finally, an alternative argument suggests a different solution to the problem.

To create a strong argumentative essay, students should use evidence from credible sources, develop their arguments logically, and use clear writing.

Expository Essay

An expository essay is often assigned for courses such as science and mathematics. Expository essays allow students to explore a particular topic in-depth through the use of facts, data, research, and examples.

To write an effective expository essay, students can organize their thoughts by first creating an outline with specific topics from which they will be able to gather information for each paragraph.

Students should include a thesis statement in the first paragraph that introduces the topic of the essay. The following paragraphs should explore the information researched, while the conclusion should summarize the main points.

To ensure accuracy and avoid plagiarism, students should use credible sources when gathering information for their expository essays.

Descriptive Essay

One of the most popular types of essays, the descriptive essay, allows students to describe a person, place, or thing in great detail. A descriptive essay paints a picture for the reader by using sensory details.

The structure of a descriptive essay typically includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should consist of a brief description of the subject, while the body should provide detailed information about the topic. The conclusion should summarize the essay and solidify the main points.

To write an engaging descriptive essay, students should use sensory details, active verbs, and explicit language to create vivid images for their readers. By using these techniques, students will be able to turn their essays into striking and enjoyable writing pieces.

Overcoming the Challenges of Essay Writing

The challenges students face with any form of essay writing often cause trouble starting or finishing the essay. One way to overcome these challenges is to break the essay writing process down into smaller steps.

First, students should brainstorm ideas for their essay. Once they have a list of ideas, they can then decide on a topic.

Next, students should gather evidence and research to support their arguments. After that, students can outline their essay and write body paragraphs.

Finally, they can write the introduction and conclusion.

By breaking the essay writing process down into smaller steps, students can better focus on one task at a time and make the process less daunting. Additionally, this approach will help them to produce a high-quality essay that is well-organized and properly researched.

165 Fun Essay Topics

Any of these topics will provide students with a fun writing prompt that will keep them engaged with the assignment and allow the reader to understand the topic fully.

Fun Essay Topics for Narrative Essays

  1. The best time I ever had
  2. A party that went too far
  3. The best day of my life
  4. My favorite holiday
  5. Memories of my childhood
  6. My scariest experience
  7. When I got in trouble at school
  8. Why home is the best place to be
  9. My favorite tradition
  10. Ways to overcome a fear
  11. The importance of respect towards others
  12. My most embarrassing moment
  13. The most embarrassing thing my parents ever did in public
  14. A silly thing I did for attention
  15. How I learned Santa Claus wasn’t real
  16. My most embarrassing fashion moment
  17. Something I have secretly always wanted
  18. How I dance when nobody’s looking
  19. How I broke a bone
  20. When my parents embarrassed me as a teenager
  21. My best first kiss
  22. The worst thing that happened on Halloween
  23. A day that changed my life
  24. What I wished for on New Year’s Eve and what actually happened
  25. The most fun I’ve ever had with my friends
  26. Ways to escape from boredom

Fun Essay Topics for Argumentative Essays

  1. Why movie remakes are a bad idea
  2. The pros and cons of being bilingual
  3. How to make learning more fun
  4. The best way to break up with someone
  5. What is the best animal on the planet
  6. Why strawberry is the best ice cream flavor
  7. Why the customer is always right
  8. Is it ever okay to steal
  9. Can insults be a good thing for a personas self-esteem
  10. How to make the world a better place with active visualization
  11. How to feel good about yourself no matter what
  12. How teaching students with disabilities is more rewarding than teaching regular students
  13. The benefits of drug use for everyone
  14. How to make friends as an adult
  15. Why having a pet is better than having kids
  16. Why travel is the best way to learn
  17. Why life is better without school
  18. The benefits of a digital detox
  19. How to deal with difficult people
  20. The benefits of procrastination
  21. Why being lazy isn’t such a bad thing

Fun Essay Topics for Expository Essays

  1. How to make a perfect pizza
  2. How to make the perfect scrambled eggs
  3. How to make the perfect cup of coffee
  4. Why being yourself is the best thing you can do
  5. How to be happy every day
  6. The benefits of a positive attitude
  7. The importance of being organized
  8. What happiness really means
  9. Why giving back is important
  10. The benefits of getting enough sleep
  11. Why breaking the rules isn’t always a bad thing
  12. The importance of being punctual
  13. What I would change about the world
  14. How to be creative every day
  15. How to make life easier with planning ahead
  16. Ways to deal with everyday stress
  17. The problems with social media
  18. How to be a good listener
  19. How to make learning easier for everyone
  20. The importance of playing games
  21. Why every day should be game day
  22. Ways to relax your brain and body on a regular basis

Fun Essay Topics for Descriptive Essays

  1. My favorite place to go on a date
  2. A perfect day at the beach
  3. What it’s like to be a celebrity for a day
  4. The best party I ever went to
  5. What it’s like to sleep in my childhood bed again
  6. The most amazing concert I ever attended
  7. How it feels to stand in front of a cheering crowd
  8. The best family vacation I ever went to
  9. What it’s like to wake up in Paris
  10. My favorite season after summer
  11. What it’s like to see the Northern Lights
  12. My first kiss
  13. How it feels to hug someone you love for the first time
  14. How it felt when my pet died
  15. Why every pet should have a forever home
  16. The best day of my life so far
  17. What it’s like to have a dog for the first time
  18. How much I love being from [insert city here]
  19. Why every alcoholic drink should be on a pub crawl
  20. What it’s like to die in your dreams
  21. Where I go when I’m feeling sad
  22. The best prank I ever played on someone
  23. What it’s like to see your favorite band live in concert

Fun Essay Topics About Being a Teenager

  1. Why every teenager should get their own car
  2. Why popular girls aren’t always the best friends
  3. How to deal with bullies at school
  4. The pros and cons of being a freshman in high school
  5. How it feels to date someone older than you
  6. What I wish my life was like in high school
  7. How it feels to be home-schooled
  8. What I would do if I knew no one at school
  9. The best movies to watch on a Friday night with your friends
  10. Why you should never get in the car with someone who’s been drinking
  11. My worst teenage dating experience ever
  12. My worst breakup story
  13. Why every teenager should have a summer job
  14. What I love most about being a teenager
  15. The best and worst things about being a teenager
  16. How to survive your teenage years

Fun Essay Topics About Life

  1. What living your dream means to you
  2. If I could go back to any age, it would be…
  3. How to stay happy and positive every day
  4. What being successful really means to me
  5. The most important lesson I’ve learned in life
  6. Why I’m grateful for my struggles
  7. The best way to spend a weekend afternoon
  8. My favorite thing about life so far
  9. What I would do with an extra hour each day
  10. My favorite quote about life
  11. The best way to relax after a long day
  12. What I love most about my family
  13. What I love most about my friends
  14. My happiest memory from childhood
  15. How I’ve changed over the years
  16. What I hope to accomplish in the next ten years
  17. The meaning of life from my dog’s perspective

Fun Essay Topics About Science

  1. The best and worst things about science
  2. How to make a volcano in your kitchen
  3. The dangers of space travel
  4. What would happen if the Earth stopped spinning
  5. The future of genetic editing
  6. What it’s like to be a scientist
  7. The most exciting thing I learned in science class this year
  8. Why every kid should go to space camp
  9. What it’s like to live on Mars
  10. How life would be without gravity
  11. The best way to celebrate Earth Day every day of the year
  12. What it feels like in a tornado
  13. How to make your own solar system
  14. The best and worst things about space travel
  15. Ten amazing facts about the universe
  16. The most interesting thing I learned about biology this year
  17. Why science is important for everyone
  18. The future of the world, according to science

Fun Essay Topics About History

  1. Why every American should visit Europe
  2. Why traveling to another country is the best way to learn history
  3. My favorite historical figure ever
  4. How I would spend my time in Colonial America
  5. What I love most about Aztec history
  6. The most important lesson I’ve learned from World War II
  7. The pros and cons of living during the Renaissance
  8. How Alexander Graham Bell changed the world
  9. Why we should always question authority
  10. The meaning of life, according to history teachers
  11. What it’s like to live in Ancient Greece every day
  12. The best and worst parts about living in Ancient China
  13. The best story from Greek mythology I know by heart
  14. Why we should always respect our teachers
  15. The best way to celebrate Thanksgiving every day of the year
  16. The timeline of history from the perspective of my pet pigeon
  17. What it’s like to be a time traveler for 30 days

Fun Essay Topics About Pop Culture

  1. Why I won’t be watching the Oscars this year
  2. What’s the best movie on Netflix right now?
  3. The top 5 movies of all time
  4. My favorite scary movies ever made
  5. Why every millennial should watch old black and white movies

Enjoy writing your next essay with any of these 165 fun essay topics that are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

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