70 “How To” Essay Topics

Referred to by names such as process essay or process analysis essay, the How-To essay details the steps to complete an assigned task in the most efficient way possible.

What Are the Key Steps to Writing a “How To” Essay?

How-to essays are pretty straightforward in their writing process, but there are a few key things to remember to ensure that the reader understands the steps involved.

The most important part of writing a How-To essay is ensuring that every necessary step is included in the writing – especially in the order they must be carried out.

This means that the writer shouldn’t avoid any steps, skip around, or leave out key details.

Secondly, it is essential to be concise when writing a How-To essay. Avoid detailing unnecessary steps or processes not related to the essay’s main topic.

Finally, must use sequential phrasing to denote the order of the steps. Phrases such as “first,” “second,” and “third” are helpful when writing a How-To essay.

By following these key steps, the writer can ensure that their How-To essay is clear, concise, and easy to follow!

Steps for Writing a “How To” Essay

When it comes to writing a How-To essay, the following formatting structure will ensure that the essay is easy to follow for the reader.

Introductory Paragraph

The introductory paragraph should briefly introduce the topic of the essay and provide a general overview of the steps involved. It should also introduce the main point of each individual step.

To engage the reader better, be sure to open with an attractive hook statement that will capture the reader’s attention. For example, if you are writing a How-To essay about cooking pasta, you might open with the line “Nothing beats a hot plate of mac and cheese” to grab the reader’s attention.

The introduction paragraph should also end with a thesis statement that details the essay’s main point. For example, in the case of the pasta cooking example, the thesis statement would be, “This essay will outline the steps necessary to cook a perfect plate of pasta from start to finish.”

Pro tip: Your thesis statement shouldn’t simply detail the benefits of following the steps in the essay. For example, the pasta cooking thesis statement could be rewritten as “This essay will outline the steps necessary to cook a perfect plate of pasta, which will not only save you time and money but will also taste better than if you had ordered it from a restaurant.”

Body Paragraphs

Each body paragraph should detail one step in the overall process. The individual steps should be written sequentially, not skipping any steps and providing all necessary details.

The body paragraphs should each follow the same structure:

  • 1st Sentence: A topic sentence that briefly discusses the step in the process.
  • 2nd Sentence: A transitional sentence that details when this step should be completed in relation to the other steps in the process
  • 3rd Sentence: A detailed explanation of how to complete this step, based on a combination of research and common sense.
  • 4th Sentence: A concluding sentence that briefly restates the step.

This formula should be repeated for each and every step in the process being detailed. This may only require a few paragraphs for how-to essays describing simple processes. However, for more complicated topics, this may require many sections to ensure that every step has been covered and every necessary detail included.

Concluding Paragraph

The concluding paragraph should summarize the steps outlined in the essay and restate any key points. It can also include a brief discussion of why following these steps is beneficial or potential pitfalls when skipping certain steps.

In order to avoid any confusion, the concluding paragraph should also summarize the thesis statement for the essay. For the pasta cooking example, this would be “In conclusion, this essay has outlined the steps necessary to cook a perfect plate of pasta from start to finish. By following these steps, you will ensure that your pasta is cooked perfectly every time.”

Pro tip: If you’re feeling stuck, try outlining the steps for your essay on a piece of paper. This will help you see the process as a whole and better understand where each step should fit in.

How-To essays can be a great way to teach or inform the reader about a specific topic. By following the key steps detailed above, you can ensure that your How-To essay is written with maximum clarity and follows the proper format.

70 “How To” Essay Topics

When writing a How-To essay, the biggest challenge can be choosing a topic. Essay topics too broad or general can be too difficult to cover in a single essay. On the other hand, essay topics that are too specific can be too difficult for the writer, who might accidentally leave out critical steps or details.

In order to make it easier for you to choose a topic, we have compiled a list of 70 How-To Essay topics that can be broken down into a variety of categories. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it should give you a good starting point for your essay.

How-To Essay Topics About Life Skills

  1. How to make a bed properly
  2. How to pack for a trip
  3. How to study for a test
  4. How to write a resume
  5. How to network
  6. How to interview for a job
  7. How to give a presentation
  8. How to deal with stress
  9. How to make a budget
  10. How to save money
  11. How to cook a basic meal
  12. How to do laundry
  13. How to change a tire
  14. How to use public transportation
  15. How to ask for a raise
  16. How to deal with difficult people
  17. How to deal with passive-aggressive behavior
  18. How to make a good impression
  19. How to write a thank you letter
  20. How to speak in public
  21. How to make friends as an adult
  22. How to ace a job interview
  23. How to manage your time
  24. How to be an effective leader
  25. How to use public transportation

How-To Essay Topics About Technology

  1. How to set up a wireless network at home
  2. How to download music legally online
  3. How to reset your browser’s homepage
  4. How to navigate social media sites like Facebook and Twitter
  5. How to use your phone’s camera
  6. How to set up a Bluetooth device
  7. How to use Zoom effectively
  8. How to use a VPN
  9. How to set up an email account
  10. How to use Siri on your iPhone

How-To Essay Topics About Fitness and Health

  1. How to get rid of belly fat
  2. How to lose weight fast
  3. How to do crunches properly
  4. How to do squats
  5. How to run faster
  6. How to jump higher
  7. How to stretch
  8. How to prevent sports injuries
  9. How to deal with pain
  10. How to improve your diet
  11. How to get in shape for summer
  12. How to lower blood pressure

How-To Essay Topics About Home Improvement

  1. How to paint a room
  2. How to hang curtains
  3. How to unclog a drain
  4. How to patch a hole in the wall
  5. How to fix a broken doorknob
  6. How to install crown molding
  7. How to install laminate flooring
  8. How to clean hardwood floors properly
  9. How to have an eco-friendly home
  10. How to decorate your home on a budget
  11. How to choose paint colors for your home
  12. How to make your home more energy-efficient

How To Essay Topics About Science

  1. How to make a volcano
  2. How to make a model of the solar system
  3. How to grow crystals
  4. How to make a simple electrical circuit
  5. How to make slime
  6. How to extract DNA from a strawberry
  7. How to make a terrarium
  8. How to make a potato battery
  9. How to measure pH level
  10. How to write a lab report
  11. How to identify different species of flora & fauna

Using these how-to writing prompts, students can have a great start to writing their own How-To essays. Remember to keep each step of the process for a smooth transition from one to another.

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