130 Proposal Essay Topics

When students are assigned an essay that requires them to write a proposal, it is often difficult for them to know what the teacher wants.

A proposal essay does not ask for an opinion on a subject, nor does it require research and fact-finding. Quite simply, a proposal essay has only one purpose: to convince someone to do something.

What Are Some Examples of Proposals?

A person could write a proposal for an idea about how to make the workplace more productive. Another person could write a proposal on how they would like to create new rules or regulations within their community.

A student might also write one proposing that they be allowed to use their cell phone during class time, or that soda should be offered as part of the school’s daily lunch menu options.

Is the Proposal Essay Different From an Opinion Paper?

Yes, a proposal and an opinion paper are very different. When writing a proposal essay, you must convince others that your idea is possible and usable.

For example, if you were writing a proposal for new rules in your community, you would have to include details about what this change would do and how people would react.

When writing an opinion paper, your main goal is to give details about your beliefs on a subject without offering proof or convincing the reader that the topic should be acted upon.

Why Is Writing a Proposal Essay Difficult for Students?

Writing a proposal essay can be difficult for many reasons. Often, students feel like it is a waste of time when all they want to do is write their own opinion on the subject. They may also have difficulty using persuasive language, lacking examples to support their argument, or proposing an idea that someone else has already suggested.

Most of the time, the challenging part of writing a proposal essay is finding a suitable proposal topic to write about. Fortunately, this article will cover the basics of writing a proposal essay as well as 130 proposal essay topics students from any level of education can use to get their ideas started.

What Strategies Can I Use When I Write a Proposal Essay?

When writing a proposal essay, there are three main strategies you can use. First, and most importantly, you must provide a solution to whatever it is you are proposing.

For example, if your proposal were about how the school should offer soda as an option for students during lunchtime, you would need to explain how this would benefit everyone involved.

Second, be sure to clearly list the details of your proposal, including what will be done and how this process would work.

For example, if you propose to get rid of all homework in school, you should explain what the substitute for homework would be, who would oversee its progress, and why it’s essential.

Third, remember not to use any personal bias when you write your proposal. Stick to the facts and only include information relevant to the topic at hand.

With these three strategies in mind, you can create a successful proposal essay that will convince others about an idea for change.

When Would I Need to Write a Proposal Essay?

Most of the time, a proposal essay is written for a business or economics course. However, these types of writing assignments can also be for:

  • Science courses – When proposing a new way to conduct an experiment
  • History courses – When you are discussing how the community should commemorate a historical event
  • English courses – When writing about better practices for reading, writing, and comprehension.
  • Sociology courses – When you are discussing how to improve your neighborhood or community.

How to Structure a Proposal Essay?

When it comes to formatting a proposal essay, students will want to make sure they do so in a way that clearly defines their proposal, convinces the reader that their solution will work, and avoids the inclusion of personal opinions or emotions.

A standard essay format should be used, beginning with an introduction that catches the reader’s attention and gives them a brief insight into what they can expect from reading your proposal.

The body of your essay will include all relevant details about how your proposal would work, including who is involved in the process and how everyone will benefit.

The final part of your proposal should include a conclusion that states why you feel your proposal is important and leaves them with a lasting impression about what they have read.

130 Proposal Essay Topics

With the guide above and the proposal essay topics below, students will be able to write a relevant, well-structured, and concise proposal essay.

Proposal Essay Topics About Education

  1. What solutions should be implemented to reduce the cost of higher education in [Your Country]?
  2. How can [High School Name] provide a more effective learning environment for students?
  3. What strategies could be used to increase the acceptance rate of transfer students from community colleges?
  4. What are some ways for students to get more involved in their community?
  5. How can the high school curriculum be improved?
  6. Where should teachers place students who have trouble concentrating?
  7. What are better ways for teachers to communicate with students?
  8. How can teachers motivate students to turn in homework on time?
  9. What are alternatives to doing homework that provide the same learning?
  10. What are better ways to test a student’s knowledge on a subject?
  11. How can the end of a semester be made less stressful for students?
  12. What are some ways that high school seniors can get more involved in their community?
  13. What is the best way to help students know how to study for a test?
  14. How can [High School Name] provide a better learning environment for teachers and administrators?
  15. What strategies should be implemented to increase the diversity of [High School Name] alumni?
  16. How can career advisors help students find a job after graduation?
  17. What strategies should be used to retain more students in [Your Country, State] schools?
  18. What are better ways to increase the amount of parental involvement in a school?
  19. How can high schools be improved?
  20. What strategies could be used to help students from low-income families stay in school, even if they have to work part-time?
  21. In what ways can teachers encourage higher-quality homework assignments from students?
  22. How should the administration approach teacher evaluations to ensure that they are fair?
  23. What are some ways to reduce bullying in schools?
  24. How can students be encouraged to take more challenging courses that interest them?
  25. What is the best way for schools to implement sustainability programs that do not affect learning time or financial investments?
  26. How could high school lectures be better designed to provide students with enough information, but not too much?
  27. How can school lunch programs be improved in [Your Country]?

Proposal Essay Topics About Business & Economics

  1. What is the best way for [Company Name] to approach its marketing strategy differently?
  2. What are better ways for [Company Name] to handle its social media presence?
  3. How can [Company Name] make production processes more efficient and cost-effective?
  4. What is the best way for [Company Name/Government Entity] to improve the health insurance offered to employees while reducing costs?
  5. What should be done to decrease the amount of money spent by [Company Name] on the maintenance of office equipment?
  6. What is the best way for (insert company) to improve its image?
  7. What strategies should be implemented to make (insert company) more energy-efficient?
  8. What can be done to help (insert company) employees cope with the stress of their jobs?
  9. How can a four-day workweek be implemented without reducing productivity?
  10. What is the best way for [Company Name] to improve its customer service strategies?
  11. In what ways should [Company Name] diversify its business ventures?
  12. What are some ways that (insert company) can reduce its impact on the environment?
  13. How should [Company Name] hire new employees to serve customers better and increase profits?
  14. How can airlines make travel more enjoyable for their passengers without increasing costs?
  15. What is the best way for credit card companies to encourage young people to begin using credit cards?
  16. How can [Company Name] implement new strategies that will encourage existing customers to spend more money with the company?
  17. What is the best way for (insert company) to increase its employee retention rate and reduce employee turnover costs without harming current employees’ job satisfaction?
  18. In what ways can retailers compete with online stores?
  19. What strategies can [Company Name] implement to increase competition within its industry without damaging employee morale or increasing turnover rates?
  20. How can [Company Name] improve its business processes to become a more efficient and sustainable company?
  21. How should [Government Entity] resolve conflicts between local businesses and residents who want to build homes in the area?
  22. What strategies can be used to help (insert company) survive in an increasingly competitive industry?
  23. How can [Company Name] generate more revenue while keeping costs low and maintaining high customer service satisfaction levels?

Proposal Essay Topics About the Environment

  1. How can emissions from cars be reduced?
  2. What are the alternatives to traditional papermaking?
  3. How can [Country] reduce its greenhouse gas emissions?
  4. What is the best way for [Country/City/Town] to provide residents with access to clean water supplies while meeting environmental regulations?
  5. How can wastewater be treated in more sustainable ways?
  6. What is the best way for (insert country) to implement new strategies that will help protect biodiversity and reduce the risk of climate change?
  7. What are better ways for [Country] to regulate greenhouse gas emissions?
  8. What can be done to prevent deforestation in (insert country)?
  9. How can forest resources be used more sustainably in (insert country)?
  10. How can cities help reduce energy usage?
  11. What steps should governments take to reduce the impact of climate change?
  12. What can be done to protect (insert Country)’s biodiversity?
  13. How can [Country/Region/City] implement sustainable environmental management strategies?
  14. How can (insert city) make its business operations more sustainable and environmentally friendly?
  15. What is the best way for [Company Name] to reduce its environmental impact?
  16. How can (insert company) incorporate sustainable practices into its business model?
  17. How can a reduction in greenhouse gases be achieved without negatively affecting the economy?
  18. How can [Country/Region/City] increase food security while minimizing environmental damage, such as soil erosion and water pollution caused by farming practices?
  19. How can [Country/Region/City]’s ecosystems be better protected?
  20. What are some ways that (insert country) can reduce its carbon footprint?
  21. What steps should be taken to decrease global warming?
  22. What is the best way for (insert country) to implement environmental policies while still growing economically?

Proposal Essay Topics About Technology

  1. What is a better way to reduce the number of cyber attacks on businesses?
  2. What is the best way for companies to secure their data while still allowing employees access to company information?
  3. How can social media be used to increase productivity?
  4. What steps should a government take to protect its citizens’ personal information from being stolen by hackers or other criminals?
  5. What is the best way for [Company Name] to become a leader in the market while still protecting customer data from being compromised?
  6. How can businesses protect themselves from cyberattacks without affecting sales and revenue generation?
  7. What steps should governments take to modernize their election systems while maintaining the integrity of the voting process?
  8. What is the best way for (insert company) to prevent data breaches without sacrificing customer privacy or limiting employee productivity?
  9. Are there better ways to safeguard information in the cloud?
  10. In what ways can cryptocurrency be used to create a more secure financial system?
  11. What strategies can be implemented to better protect the personal information that is stored on social media websites?
  12. How can the security of networks that are used by businesses be improved?
  13. What is an alternative way for (insert company) to increase profits without sacrificing customer data security and privacy?

Proposal Essay Topics About Sports

  1. How can high school sports teams be made safer?
  2. How can college athletes be better protected from concussions and other injuries?
  3. What are some ways that professional athletes can reduce the risk of injury without losing their competitive edge?
  4. What steps should be taken to decrease the number of illegal substances used by professional athletes?
  5. What is a better way for (insert school/college) to increase attendance at sports games?
  6. What steps should be taken to make the NFL a safer sport without losing too much of its widespread appeal?
  7. How can injuries in high school sports teams be decreased without negatively affecting the revenue generated from ticket sales and television broadcasting rights?
  8. In what ways can sports teams and leagues reduce their environmental impact?
  9. What steps should be taken to decrease the number of on-field fights in professional football games?
  10. How is a more effective way for (insert region) to increase community involvement in high school, college, and professional sports without expanding budgets or increasing taxes?
  11. In what ways can sports teams and leagues encourage younger generations to become fans without sacrificing the integrity of the game?
  12. How can professional soccer teams generate more revenue without infringing on players’ rights or using unsafe materials at their stadiums?
  13. How can high school sports teams be made more cost-efficient?
  14. How can the physical fitness of younger generations be improved without sacrificing too much time or money?
  15. What is a better way for schools to fundraise without cutting into their athletic funding?
  16. What alternative ways are there to generate revenue for professional sporting leagues that do not rely on ticket sales?
  17. How can more children become interested in football, baseball, basketball, etc.?
  18. What are the best ways to find new talent within high school and college sports teams?
  19. What steps should be taken to better protect professional athletes against discrimination without infringing on their rights or limiting their freedoms?

Proposal Essay Topics About Civics

  1. How can laws be made more inclusive without diminishing the rights of certain groups?
  2. What are some ways for schools to teach students about civic engagement and public service at a younger age?
  3. How can a peaceful transfer of power be ensured?
  4. What steps should the federal government take to better protect voting rights during national elections?
  5. How can students be encouraged to become more engaged in politics and social issues?
  6. In what ways should local governments work to create more affordable housing?
  7. What are some ways that local governments can better communicate with citizens?
  8. What should the federal government do to ensure that its citizens’ votes are not influenced by political action committees and large private donors during elections?
  9. What is a better way to vote?
  10. What alternative ways can the United States save money and resources when it comes to government spending?
  11. How can political systems in developing nations be improved?
  12. How should local governments deal with increased immigration rates?
  13. What is a better way for communities to vote on public issues?
  14. In what ways should the federal government allocate funds during national elections?
  15. What has to be done in order for democracy to work more efficiently and effectively within the United States and beyond its borders?
  16. How can local politics be made more accessible and inclusive of citizens from all socioeconomic backgrounds without infringing on their rights or limiting their participation in public affairs?

Proposal Essay Topics About Science & Math

  1. What is a better way for scientists to communicate with the public?
  2. What should be done to encourage more young people to become involved in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields?
  3. What steps should be taken to ensure that scientists are not influenced by large corporations and special interest groups when conducting research or reporting their findings?
  4. How can scientific research be made more transparent to the general public?
  5. What alternative ways to energy production are there that do not use fossil fuels, nuclear energy, etc.?
  6. What is a better way for researchers to assess the impact of their work?
  7. How can more people become interested in learning about new scientific discoveries and advancements without sacrificing accuracy or engaging in the spread of misinformation?
  8. What steps should be taken to improve scientific literacy and provide a better understanding of scientific research worldwide?
  9. How can we live on another planet?
  10. How can different faiths, cultures, and religions come together regarding scientific research?

With the proposal topics above, students shouldn’t have any problem generating solutions that will convince the reader they can offer meaningful contributions to the community and society.

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