100 Example Essay Topics

Any time a student is given a writing prompt requiring them to provide examples that justify, clarify, or otherwise support their position, they are expected to provide an example essay. This type of writing may sometimes also be referred to as an exemplification essay.

An example essay is often assigned in courses to measure students’ ability to apply critical thinking in written form. Other times, students are expected to write an example essay to practice their composition skills.

A well-written example essay will include a detailed exposition of the subject accompanied by specific examples that are clearly related to the topic. Furthermore, details in an example essay are always presented in a chronological or logical order, with events or actions implied by cause and effect relationships. For this reason, good thesis statements for example essays are cause and effect statements.

Is Writing an Example Essay Hard?

Writing an example essay isn’t without its challenges, even for students with superior writing capabilities. This is because an example essay will require students to provide details about a topic that they may have little or no experience in.

Additionally, students may face challenges in example essay writing due to its fairly stringent requirements. For an example essay to be concise and focused, students must limit their essays to a specific topic and provide relevant examples supporting their position.

Students who can successfully overcome these challenges will find that writing an example essay is a worthwhile experience and one they can benefit from for years to come. However, if you are one of the many students that find writing, in general, to be difficult, then starting or completing an example essay can be incredibly challenging.

What Happens If I Don’t Do My Example Essay?

The consequences of choosing to ignore any academic writing assignment can be dire for students. From a failing grade to the inability to graduate, students may find that missing out on an example essay writing assignment will seriously harm their academic prospects.

To avoid any risk of educational setbacks, students should apply the following advice to ensure they can create an example essay that is clear, concise, and well written.

Essential Factors Needed to Write an Example Essay

When writing an example essay, the best way for students to begin is by picking a topic. The topic will be the essay’s main focus, so it is crucial to choose one that directly relates to the writing prompt.

If you are having trouble choosing an example essay topic that meets the needs of the assignment and provides enough details, students can choose from the 100 example essay topics listed at the end of this article.

Once a student has selected the topic for their example essay, it’s time to begin writing. Writers should always follow the rules of proper essay structure, including an introduction that includes a thesis statement, three body paragraphs structured around specific examples, and a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the information offered by the writer.

Example Essay Introduction

The introduction of your example essay will set the tone for the remainder of the writing, so it is important that you spend time crafting one that is interesting and well written. If your introduction isn’t up to par, then you run the risk of losing your reader before they get a chance to get into the body of the writing.

While there are many different types of examples essays, most will follow standard introduction guidelines and include:

  • A catchy “hook” or opening statement.
  • Relevant details needed to understand the body of writing
  • An informative thesis outlining the tone and content of the essay

Pro Tip: Try to open your example essay with an interesting fact, rhetorical question, or quotation.

Example Essay Body Paragraphs

While the introduction of your example essay can tell readers about the tone and content of your writing, the body paragraphs should prove to be most informative to the reader. This section of your essay helps you go into detail about your topic.

When writing the body paragraphs, it is imperative that students:

  • Use one point per paragraph
  • Discuss topics in chronological order or from least to most important
  • Use transition words to end one section and start another

Pro Tip: Remember, each point you make should have a corresponding example to support it. This helps the reader understand how your examples are connected to your thesis.

Example Essay Conclusion Paragraphs

The conclusion paragraph of an example essay is designed to re-emphasize the main points discussed in the body paragraphs.

When writing example essay conclusions, students should:

  • Include a rewording of the thesis statement from the introduction.
  • Relay any concluding thoughts that may lead to further discussion or research
  • Use a strong closing sentence to leave your reader feeling satisfied

Pro Tip: The conclusion should never introduce new ideas or arguments. It is meant only to summarize the main points that have been raised in your essay.

100 Example Essay Topics

To get students started writing the perfect example essay, here are 100 example essay topics ideal for any level of education.

Example Essay Topics About Social Issues

  1. Should schools have uniforms?
  2. Are smartphones making teens less social?
  3. Is the death penalty ethical?
  4. Do police officers target people of color?
  5. Are violent video games harmful to society?
  6. Should the drinking age be lowered to 18 years old?
  7. Are protests a useful form of political expression?
  8. Is it ethical for colleges to give preference in admissions based on family income?
  9. Is voter fraud a legitimate threat to U.S. elections?
  10. Are social media sites like Facebook and Twitter harmful to society?
  11. Are men or women more likely to commit sexual assault?
  12. Do citizens have a responsibility to overthrow an oppressive government?
  13. Are vaccines dangerous for children?
  14. Should Planned Parenthood be federally funded and receive tax dollars from the U.S. government?
  15. Is it ethical for people to lie on their resumes or during an interview to get a job?
  16. Does social media affect the mental health of children?
  17. Can gender identity be defined by how someone dresses, acts, speaks, etc.?
  18. What are some pros and cons of legalizing marijuana in the United States?

Example Essay Topics About Literature, Writing & Language

  1. Is it ethical for a writer to purposefully mislead their audience to generate interest in their writing?
  2. Are books and literature becoming outdated sources of storytelling and knowledge?
  3. How has clickbait writing affected people’s ability to comprehend?
  4. What is the most overrated novel in American history?
  5. Is it necessary for writers today to understand and cite the various literary movements that have taken place throughout history?
  6. What is the best way for high school students to prepare for college-level writing courses?
  7. In an increasingly diverse society, is it necessary for all people to learn and use standard English?
  8. Does the popularity of self-publishing on publishing platforms like Amazon and Wattpad devalue literature as an art form?
  9. What do you think about book bans and censorship in libraries and schools? Is this tactic effective? Why or why not?
  10. How can we eliminate stereotypes in modern literature?
  11. How has the introduction of the printing press changed the art of writing?
  12. Does the internet make us more or less empathetic to each other?
  13. Why do we use idioms and phrases in everyday speech, and can we apply this concept to writing?
  14. Is it ethical for a writer to only write about personal experiences and share them with the public?
  15. What are some benefits and drawbacks of writing from the second-person point of view?
  16. How do modern communication tools like smartphones affect language, expression, and literacy?
  17. What are the most important aspects of language to learn to become a fluent speaker?
  18. What are some of the most ridiculous euphemisms people use today, and why do people use them?
  19. Is there truth in fiction? Why or why not?
  20. How has technology changed the way we convey love through words and speech?
  21. Why do some readers have more difficulty understanding literature written in an older form of English?
  22. What are some pros and cons of the current education system regarding teaching literature, writing, language, etc.?
  23. Why are people uncomfortable with profanity in literature?
  24. Is there value in studying languages other than English?

Example Essay Topics About Law & Legal Studies

  1. Is it ethical for a person to break the law if they strongly believe in what they are doing and will not harm any other individual?
  2. What is the best way to protest against laws you disagree with or do not seem appropriate for your community?
  3. What makes a law just or unjust?
  4. What is the most important requirement for a crime to be punishable under the law?
  5. Does it matter how severe a criminal offense is when deciding on an appropriate punishment?
  6. Is it ethical for police officers to use violence during arrests and interrogations?
  7. What are some pros and cons of plea bargaining instead of going through a full trial process in the American justice system?
  8. Should all people receive fair and equal treatment under the law, or are there exceptions to this rule?
  9. What is the best way for society to prevent criminals from reoffending after they have served their time in prison?
  10. How does overcrowding in prisons affect the safety of both guards and inmates?
  11. What are some recent trends in the American justice system that you find troubling?
  12. How can we keep our communities safe and deter violent crime?
  13. Is it ethical to put more police officers on the streets and hire more security personnel for public events?
  14. Is capital punishment justified?
  15. Why did the prison system switch from public hangings to electric chairs and gas chambers?
  16. What role did advancements in technology play when it comes to changes in the prison system throughout history?
  17. How has mass incarceration affected race relations in America?
  18. Should private for-profit prisons be allowed to operate?
  19. Is it ethical to have sex offenders’ names published online for the general public to see?
  20. What are some of the long-term effects that solitary confinement has on prisoners?

Example Essay Topics About Art & Architecture

  1. What makes art valuable to society?
  2. How do artists choose the materials they use in their work, and does this influence the message being conveyed?
  3. Why are some historical art pieces considered controversial or inappropriate today?
  4. In what ways have different styles of architecture influenced modern-day society?
  5. What are the most important factors determining a building’s value and importance?
  6. Which architectural styles should be preserved for future generations, and which ones do we need to forget about as time goes on?
  7. How does architecture reflect the values and traditions of a particular culture?
  8. What are some pros and cons of contemporary architecture found in cities today?
  9. Why do people choose to live in rural or urban areas?
  10. In what ways does the location affect the development of a city’s character?
  11. How do skyscrapers impact the environment?
  12. Which is more sustainable: high-rise or low-rise buildings?
  13. What are some of the most significant challenges modern architects face to create sustainable structures?
  14. In what ways do street art and graffiti shape the cultural landscape of a city?
  15. How do artists and street artists influence public policy and local laws in order to redefine what is considered vandalism or art?
  16. What makes a building beautiful or ugly?
  17. How does architecture impact our understanding and use of space and time?
  18. Why are some structures simple while others are complex?
  19. What is a Gothic cathedral, and how does it differ from a traditional church?

Example Essay Topics About Music & Entertainment

  1. In what ways has the music industry changed throughout history?
  2. Are people more drawn to listening to songs or attending live concerts?
  3. What is the difference between a hobbyist and a professional musician?
  4. How does background noise impact our ability to enjoy music at a concert or nightclub?
  5. Why are some music genres considered inferior compared to others?
  6. Does the success of a musician rely on talent or luck?
  7. How has technology influenced the way music is consumed and enjoyed by listeners?
  8. In what ways have viewers been negatively affected by spoilers?
  9. What are some advantages to downloading a movie or a TV show instead of going to a theater or purchasing a DVD box set?
  10. How has social media influenced television storylines?
  11. How have streaming services impacted the entertainment industry as a whole, and what are the pros and cons of streaming anything at any time?
  12. What are some challenges that actors face when transitioning from television or film into theater productions?
  13. What is the difference between original programming and reruns on cable and network stations?
  14. How has copyright law affected how we watch movies and television shows?

Example Essay Topics About Science & Technology

  1. In what ways has technology changed the way we communicate?
  2. How has technology impacted the way that we learn about science and medicine?
  3. What is a prosthetic device, and how does it help with disabilities?
  4. What ethical issues are raised when using stem cells in research and treatment?
  5. How does technology affect the way society treats mental illness?

Be sure that after you choose any of these 100 example essay topics to start your writing assignment, you research the subject, create an outline, and use examples and evidence from your research to support your thesis.

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