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Some students may write an ordinary and boring essay in order just to get rid of it and forget about it, but not you! For you, this is not acceptable. Since you know, that essay is the reflection of your unique personality, your inner world and your own thoughts, your essay is to be perfect and bring you nothing but success and good marks!

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What is a successful essay?

It is not difficult to answer this question. A successful paperwork is distinguished from an ordinary one by the following features:

  1. The correspondence of the study content to the topic chosen;
  2. Adherence to the definite structure: Introduction, Main Part and Conclusion;
  3. Precise and detailed examples, which support and prove the author’s ideas;
  4. The author’s clear position or standpoint;
  5. Correct tone.

How to do it?

To every question, there is an answer. Do not think that a successful assignment is impossible to create. Nothing is impossible and you are going to find out this for yourself.

  • The main step towards a brilliant paperwork is the theme you are familiar with. Choose the topic you can talk about for hours. You have to be curious about searching for more information about it. Your own excitement about the subject you are talking about will be transferred to your reader. He or she will understand and feel how it is important to you.
  • Chose the proper tone for your work. When addressing a very peculiar and delicate subject which concerns you a lot, like violence in the World, be careful with the words and phrases you use. Avoid rude and hard expressions, be careful with what and how you say. Your purpose is to express your own opinion and observations but not to offend or judge somebody.
  • The feature of a perfect paperwork is its pithiness. There are no definite rules on the volume of the composition. But observations show that the short compositions are appreciated higher than the long ones. If you prefer short sentences, the chances to create a really good composition go up.
  • Whichever your topic is, make sure that your work is grammatically and stylistically correct. Do not neglect of proofreading and editing. If your paperwork is full of mistakes, misprints and written not very well, your reader will lose her or her interest after the Introduction. Ask someone to read your composition and take into account the comments and corrections.
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