How to Write a Process Essay: Step by Step

When you need to describe the process in the step-by-step form, then the process essay is your choice. This type of the paper requires the chronological order and full explanation of each step. The purpose is to convey to the readers how something works.

The writing process

You could not start writing if you do not understand the outline of the essay. But lucky you, the process essay has a common structure as others:

  1. Introduction. 

In this part, you’ll need to interest the reader with your text. The particular process should intrigue and makes the person know about how its work. Write a sentence about what you are going to describe and then why it is important. That is how you explain to the reader the relevance of your topic. And you can also add here the information about the process duration, which will create the timeline of each step in reader’s mind.

      2. The Body. 

The number of the paragraphs in this part depends on the overall number of the steps in the describing process. But do not break it into one sentence paragraphs, each step should be defined as small or big. If it’s a small one, then transfer it into the big sections, where each section is the new paragraph. Try to have the paraghraphs of the same lenght, otherway it can ruin your essay and make it unreadable. It is up to your decision to use the numbered list here or not. But the first paragraph should consist of the information about tools and instruments which you need to the realization of the process, if you don’t need any, then already start with the steps.

Each stage should have an explanation about why the person should do it with this method and why it is necessary overall.

To connect steps use the transitions, especially if your paragraphs are not numbered. There are some words, like “then”, ‘” after that, “starting with” which make your thoughts more structured and clear. Use them and their synonyms to write a successful process essay.

  1. Conclusion

This type of the essay does not need the paraphrasing the information from the body part in the conclusion but highlight here the most important stages. The main aim is to explain what will you get at the end of the process and make the reader feels accomplished and satisfied with what you wrote.

Guide before start writing

  • the initial process

Now when you know the outlines and ready to write your essay, it is the time to consider which process you would like to describe. If you are studying in the college or at the university, then think about the sphere where you are the professional and list it down. There can be some skills, like gardening or cooking, or you understand how some parts of the vehicle work. If you don’t want to write about these things, then you can choose some unconventional processes – the “how to” tips in the life topics, like traveling, earning money, own business or even social media blogs. Try to remember everything that you can or want to guide for others and write it on the paper.

  • the work with the list

No doubts you have written down lots of topics (but if you didn’t, keep reading, we have prepared some variations for you). You should choose one of them and work on it. Read it and create the proper naming, usually, it starts with “How not to” or “How to,” but you can create own idea of the name. Then using the numbered list write in the chronological order the steps of your process. Do not pay attention to the tiny and inconsiderable stages. For now, you are only creating a draft of your further work.

Topics to write about

Here is the part where we have collected some interesting topics which you can use. They are grouped by categories:

Digital era

  1. How to find the info on the Internet
  2. The creation of successful social media account
  3. How to do the great photos with your phone
  4. Steps to make your phone your planner
  5. The video making process


  1. How to organize your notes
  2. The way to prepare for an exam
  3. How to write a paper in one day
  4. The algorithm to beat exam breakdowns
  5. How to apply for the scholarship


  1. The steps to become an entrepreneur
  2. How to work with online selling sites
  3. The algorithm for providing a new rule in the company
  4. How to not lose motivation when you work from home
  5. The algorithm of becoming a business assistant


  • how to be successful in the relations
  • how to repair the door lock
  • how not to fail in the interview
  • the steps of self-accepting
  • how to build a house
  • the algorithm of ‘HelloWorld’ java program
  • how to combine clothes
  • how to start own writing blog
  • how not to spend your life at home
  • how to implement a new habit in a month
  • how the (name of the application) works
  • the algorithm of setting the life goal 

The finishing line

The usual algorithm of ending any essay is to read it after and check grammar and vocabulary. In the process essay, you also need to pay attention to any unique technical words. Your readers can be beginners or not knowing the topic at all, that’s why if you use such words, explain them in the text or rewrite with others, which are easier to understand. It will also be a helpful practice to ask your friends to read your essay and give the feedback.

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