Easy Steps to Write Your Research Paper Fast

When studying at high schools or universities, students of any grades are always asked to write research papers. If students often postpone writing the paper until the last day, this task may seem very difficult to them. However, you’ll need not worry too much about writing research papers. Such a situation arises very often in the real life of every student. At such moments, all possible deadlines approach with inexorable speed and unexpectedly it turns out that you must complete term paper urgently. Scientists joke about such cases and say: you publish or perish. However, the written work can be completed in a relatively short time if you follow some recommendations and steps writing good.

Selection of the Topic

The first step presents some difficulties, even for the well skillful students in writing scholar papers. In this way, the first thing you need to do is to pick up an appropriate subject for your research. To do it, read carefully the instructions of your tutor. Your topic must be original, maybe a bit surprising and unusual, but it has to conform to the teacher’s assignment. No doubt, you don’t want to waste your time on paper writing and discover at the end of your work that it is not what your teacher wants.

You should also be sure that you can find enough material for your paper. Maybe this topic is a new one and explored a little, so you will have trouble to conduct a study on it. If you take an interesting topic that you really like, you will definitely finish the research paper quickly and this will positively affect the quality of your work. Then, the subject should be relevant and actual. The topic may cause a certain controversy and you have to convince your reader that your ideas deserve attention. If you miss finding a suitable topic, ask your teacher or classmates for advice and help.

Collecting Information and Finding Sources

You may find all the necessary data online thanks to Wikipedia and Google search. At present, the worldwide network can provide plenty of information you would need. In addition, the local scientific library always welcomes you. For writing research papers, you may use special databases and search engines, in which tons of scientific articles, journals, and books are indexed. Select the things you can find on web pages that are directly related to your topic. Assess critically the suitability of the info found without rush. Check out everything that the search engine can give you, only then draw conclusions. Change the search query to obtain a different outcome. If nothing is found, then you need to modify the query.

Once a book that perfectly fits for your topic is found, observe a list of literature in it. You will find dozens of relevant books on your broad topic. When working with different sources, do not forget to make notes about titles, authors, years of publication, publishers, numbers of pages and, most importantly, the very pages on which you got the necessary info. It will allow you not to waste your time later. Save all useful texts in one Word document. This will help you form the basis for the future written work. Write a draft outline and gather material for any subtopic using note cards. Think about how to organize your research on the page paper.

Write Thesis

Generally speaking, research papers require a special approach, which should be taken into account at the stage of preparation of the draft version. The problem can be initially controversial and you need to prepare logical counterarguments for your opponents. In this work, you have to present your personal unique ideas based on the material acquired. Invent a draft thesis and this thesis will serve you as the main guideline for your work. Find arguments in favor of this thesis statement and critically process the collected data. It is essential to define the paper thesis quite clearly in one sentence. Place your thesis on a separate page. In general, the research paper thesis should present a definition of the points you will describe in your research paper.


The abstract is often written before you start working on other sections of your paper. This is a summary that allows your reader to view what sources were used and what data was selected for your research. Therefore, the abstract presenting a number of publications is independent in the semantic plan. It usually consists of 100-300 words, depending on how big your written work is expected to be. Normally, the abstract does not exceed 10% of the number of words in the main part. Use clear laconic style, short sentences, keywords and phrases that are easily correlated with the main idea of your work. Describe the scientific problem and the reason for which it is being investigated. State the main components of the work and give an overview of what has been done. At the end, state the main results achieved.


It is advised to develop the outline of the whole document when you write the introduction paragraph after the abstract. Your content may pass through changes later and you’ll be able to come back and redraft this section. At least, you will have a basic structure for your research paper. Start with a larger thought and then lead directly to your idea. Try to avoid repeating those expressions that you already used in the abstract.

Body Paragraphs

Now you can begin the thoughtful process of paper writing. Gather various data fragments together. Follow the conceived outline and start writing your research paper. Use at least five sources and never rely on only one or two of them. It will be mandatory to collect the data in order and formalize it according to the requirements. You can either insert your thoughts or sure cite other people’s quotations. In this way, the selected info will form a real research paper.

The carefully executed work will create a good impression that the author has spent a lot of time on it. If possible, make references to old good empirical studies. Imagine an article or book written by a recognized expert on the issue you are researching, which is read and approved by other experts. Making your research, you have to take into consideration important past works and publications, preferably recent. Try to concentrate your efforts in detail on a particular topic, rather than to investigate several major points at once in general terms. Consider the problem from different angles and focus on a specific issue.


Now, when you have thoroughly worked, you can move to the conclusion, in which all the info found will be briefly analyzed for making the final statement. Use ideas from your thesis by other words, then tell about the points that you described during your research. Explain the purpose of your research, describe the results of your study and finish with a clear issue. Let your readers find out something new. It is desirable to use all your vocabulary in this section and then simply rephrase all the info, previously stated in the introduction.

List of References and Bibliography

You need to organize your notes, to place your references in order and to create a list of the bibliography. Specify every source used in your work. Most likely, the conformity with MLA, APA or Chicago styles is demanded, so design your research accordingly. You have to copy and paste quotations in the text according to these specific requirements. Check the formatting requirements,

Final Version

Start making the final correction of your paper. You may slightly change the stated main idea and transform it. If you need to change something, you can do it. Just make sure that each statement is provided with a confirmation. State only the facts with capacious and detailed comments. If you state facts without explaining why you are doing it, this is no good. The transition from one section to another one should be smooth. Your research paper should be easily readable and clear. Never plagiarize. It is better to avoid the long and direct quotes. The purpose of your work is to show your own thoughts about the problem. If a quotation is not absolutely needful, replace it with an indirect speech and subsequent analysis. When your work is revised and proofread, be sure you don’t forget to reserve several copies of your document, both paper and electronic.

To achieve perfection in anything, not only knowledge is needed. The student, who takes practice in writing, will write soon perfect scholar papers quickly. You should be optimistic and aspire to achieve your goal as if you are a sportsman who wants to win the gold medal. But, in order to avoid physical and mental exhaustion and end the year with best marks, do not wait until the last minute to start working on a research paper. Buy college research papers here. This is something you can do for sure.

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