How to Write a Movie Essay for College

Except for traditional admission or descriptive essays, related to scientific themes where students must express their opinion about the chosen topic, students can also get such assignment as writing movie review. In some instances, it is also called as the movie analysis essay, when a student should watch a good movie and write about it. Furthermore, if you adore such activity, this assignment will seem to be too easy for you.

In this review, we’ll bandy about the movie essay; we’ll take a look at the peculiarities of writing film analysis and give several useful tips, recommendations to those who have not the vaguest idea how to start.

Significance of the film analysis essay

The prime objective of any movie review is the same as the book review has – a student develops the skill of thinking critically. In sober fact, you watch the film and learn to express your viewpoint. You ought to define whether the film was interesting for you, whether the filmmaker managed to achieve the goal, and so on. In some instances, you are asked to analyze your film and decide for whom it can be useful.

There is one more crucially important aspect – such movie reviews teach you to draw attention to small, at first gaze even inconspicuous, details. You won’t notice them in your daily routine, but when your target is to write about them, you’ll be made to be thoughtful. In the course of writing, you’ll have a chance to develop your critical viewpoint. Besides, you’ll find out lots of things about cinematography.

For you to improve your skills and find out how to create a worthy movie review, we prepared the detailed plan, allowing you to organize your thoughts and plan your writing.

The Primary Constituents of a Movie Review

Mostly, your tutors or professors decide which film you ought to watch and review. Nonetheless, in some instances, you are free to do this by yourself. Having watched it, you ought to identify the main idea, the core audience, and the main plot. Before you proceed to expressing your viewpoint, you must create the in-depth analysis.


Commonly, each analysis consists of the following parts:


Title. It shouldn’t be too short and consist of just the name of the film. It must be longer. Its prime objective is to grasp the attention of the core audience.

Summary. In other words, you ought to recapitulate the documentary or film for people who are going to watch it. Thus, it must be effective! Definitely, you shouldn’t enumerate all details of each scene. Your target is to decide whether a filmmaker achieved his goal, whether actors coped with their task, explain the main plot of the film, etc. Being a reviewer, your goal is to find out whether the filmmaker coped with his assignment and made a worthy film.

Filmmaker. Any in-depth analysis of a film should comprise the information about a filmmaker. On that score, you need to google the information about his life. Find out what kind of person he is. Maybe there were some reasons that made him thinking about making this film. Any essay, devoted to a move review must contain at least one paragraph where you need to describe a filmmaker.

Actors. This chapter is devoted to the casting. You ought to identify whether the cast of characters is successful or not.

Creative Elements. As a rule, each filmmaker tries to add some creative elements to his work. Thus, you need to find out whether all those elements are significant for the movie or not. Analyze camera movements, sound effects and the notes of symbol.

Writing a movie review is a creative piece of assignment. Performing the assignments like this, you learn to express your viewpoint, pay attention to details, and develop your writing skills. The writing process is very engaging and interesting! Nevertheless, you should control your work, trying to make it natural and logical.

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