Kite Runner Essay Sample and Guide

The samples of composition on “Kite runner” and tips concerning the book of Hosseini


Quite often, we hear diverse reviews of books we read or are going to read. And there are books about which we hear only positive ones. Such as: “This is the miraculous story! Eye-catching! A very vital book about the significance of comradeship, the treachery of treachery and tremulousness. The book struck me and I thought of the fact that life teaches anyone what parents do not try to teach their children to appreciate real friends, whatever they’re.” Or “The book is amazing, it pledges you think. You seem to be getting to that time, to such point . I actually liked it very much in the soul of it . So far the emotions are coming.” It’s “The kite runner” by the writer Khaled Hosseini. Therefore, it becomes a product of what many teachers give to make a composition.

Some writing tips for those who try to do it themselves:

  1. When starting to write a composition of a literary work you read, for instance, of the novel Khaled Hosseini, think of the purpose of your creative work.
  2. Start a review of the info of the writer and read the work, defining the theme and ideas. For example, the weight of comradeship between Amir and Hassan his friend.
  3. Convey the introduction in the introductory part of the overall impression of the work you read (if you liked it, which personages were especially remembered baba and amir or other, etc.).
  4. Share your thoughts about what you didn’t like in the work (such as the rape of Hassan, and the indifference to that case Amir the narrator), what you disagree with it, the main character analysis and vice versa.
  5. In the final part, draw conclusions about the perception of the literary work, the given estimates and judgments. (This is the adventure of Amir and Hassan, about perfidy, about love, that good does not always conquer evil, that the living of an uncharacteristic person makes him unhappy and all around. This narration can be re-read a hundred times and still find something.).

The template of the “Kite runner” essay:

The 1975 year. A few minutes, one scene, an explosion of emotions, a wave of fear and self- loathing and tremulousness. The novella of comradeship and treachery, of devotion one friend and contradistinction of Amir and his guilt. The very touching book, the heroes are real and anything that happens in the paper is likewise real. We read, and anything comes to life: Kabul Afghanistan and old buildings are being constructed with lightning speed, there is a rumble in your ears, and a pomegranate tree grows right in front of your nose. We see the inscription: “Amir and Hassan, overlords of Kabul,” an inscription embodying their friendliness. The childhood is enclosed in this phrase, on the tree bark reminding of the time that they spent hand in hand.

Khaled Hosseini the writer, has already been called a “classic in the lifetime,” by critics, despite the fact that he began his literary career not so long ago, in 2003. His novels are translated into dozens of languages of the world, and Russia has not become an exception, in our country Khaled Hosseini’s novel have also become bestsellers. Alone of the basic novels that determine the writer’s work is, of course, the novel. The kite runner. A touching and at the same time dramatic narrative of the living and friendliness of two boys, narrated by the writer in a time interval of 30 years. Two friends, two brothers, master and servant – two fates, told on behalf of the main character – Amir young boy, who acted as a leader and master in tandem. A separate hero of the paper is Kabul, which appears formerly the reader in various faces – from the young and blooming to the destroyed and suffering.

In the book, we can distinguish two moments:
– The first is, of course, the major treachery Hassan by Amir, the host’s display of cowardice before the servant and friend. It’s from this moment the series of Amir’s internal vices begins, which leave in his soul heavy scars of repentance and conscience and suffering that imposes an imprint on all spheres of life. And in general, a good person, protagonist Amir becomes a hostage to the vices of his own ego, unable to get out on his own.
– The second moment is a call from Pakistan to Amir penitent adult, who has been living in America for a long time, from the comrade of Rahim Khan’s dad, who encourages him to come in a mysterious but understandable phrase: “You’ve got a chance to embark on a righteous path.” And Amir is clinging to this chance, although his former essence is trying to refuse. He not only jeopardizes his life and health in the name of saving the son of the deceased Hassan in the hope of redeeming the former his guilt albeit likewise undergoing a colossal internal transformation on the path to Islam and harmony. The latest fact has gone unnoticed in most reviews, but for a reader, this is a very momentous layer of the novel.

It’s about how Amir who grew up with the dad as whole secular views and ways of living, and himself not really thinking about the need to walk to the mercy of the Creator, via the redemption Amir finds a way to worship Allah. This fact we can see in the film, where the wounded Amir in a Pakistan mosque, after having carefully bathed, reads the prayer, trying to remember the suras, which were memorized in childhood for the school bench. And already after returning from the adventures in the US, Amir reads the morning prayer and notes that from now he “never oversleeps the Fajr”. Therefore, the novel is deeper than it seems at first glance, and it’s gratifying that such books are now so popular among readers. And then we see the capital of the country, almost wiped from the face of the earth, torn by wars and populated by suffering, crippled physically and morally residents.

The book was filmed in 2007 by American director Marc Forster, and the script to the tape was written, Khaled Hosseini. Among the merits of the movie “The Kite Runner” with the same name, the primary thing to note is the selection of actors, as well as the masterful work of a technical group in the performing of the viewer of Afghan landscapes. And if, while reading the novel, we could only imagine Kabul, then on the screen we see it exactly as it’s described in the paper – at first peaceful, affable and sunny, with streets “smelled of kebabs and ice cream”.

The book makes you think. For a long time to think about the actions, the attitude to life and the loved ones. This is an incredibly amazing book. I cannot fall asleep about a week, I think and think, I scroll the whole story over and over again. The reader falls in love with Kabul, in heroes thanks to the talent of the writer.

It is a terrific spiritual paper where Khaled Hosseini tells of the comradeship of two boys, what they carried through their whole life. If you have not read it yet, you can already start this case.

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