How to Write Short and Good Essay

You can handle just about everything. Instead of panicking, you should find the right approach and pursue the task confidently. Stay calm and follow our tips on how to write an essay of such complexity.

What your essay should be focused on?

That depends on the type of your essay on essaystone. That’s why you may have to stay focused on describing some object. In another case, you may need to guide the reader through your opinion on a particular issue, convincing them to accept your point of view. If you’re writing the expository paper, about 400 words out of 500 should be devoted to explaining the given idea or theme.

How does a plan for your essay look like?

Your paper should consist of:

  1. Introduction. It’s a brief thesis of the given topic. It’s great if you already have one. If not, take your time, pick the topic that would appeal to the reader most and use the introduction to hook them.
  2. Main body. To write as many words as you need to:- Make the reader think about what they’re reading and analyze the material;

    – Provide your own thoughts and feelings considering the chosen topic;

    – Make the reader feel involved in the discussion.

  3. Sum up. 50 words should be enough for a bottom line. It shouldn’t contain new points of view or other thoughts.

Writing tips:

  • Create a short outline.
  • Make up a brief plan of what should be included in your work. You’re free to either add some new ideas or discard them if you don’t feel like they fit into the text.
  • Hook the reader with the introduction.
  • Get the reader acquainted with the overall description, briefly describing the key points included in the main body. This part of the text is responsible for keeping the reader interested.

Work on the main body

Alright, this is the heart of your work, so focus all your attention on it. If we’re talking about a persuasive or analytical essay, the main part should be built not only upon your own opinions but also upon solid facts that prove your point of view.

Find the right words to sum your work up

It’s time to reflect on everything you wrote about in your work. There’s nothing complicated about it. The key secret lies in picking the most important theses that back up your point of view and cut them down to a couple of words.

Work on your style

If you present the text in your own style, you greatly improve your chances of involving the reader in a discussion. If you’re describing a serious topic, there’s no place for jokes in your essay. But if your work doesn’t touch any social or political issues, you’re free to spice up the text with aphorisms to make the reader smile a couple of times.

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes

Once your work is done, leave it be for an hour or two, and then check it for spelling errors, grammar, etc. Reread your text and pretend that you’re not the author. Does everything sound clear to you? Does the style seem appealing to you? If not, then make the necessary edits.

Don’t forget to check the text for plagiarism

Isn’t it great to know that your work is unique? If the text contains quotes, for instance, it won’t be technically unique, but if they only back up your opinion, there’s nothing wrong with them.

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