Health Care Essay Sample and Tips

Studying biology, chemistry or anatomy at a higher educational establishment, you’ll face the necessity to write a health care essay. This kind of assignment isn’t as difficult as it seems at a glance. To get through this assignment, you just need to follow a particular structure. Look through the approximate structure of a health care essay and a sample. Mayhap this information will help you dodge difficulties with this tricky task.

Health Care Essay Tips

The main task you need to do is to select a theme of writing. It should be interesting, catching and thought-provoking. Otherwise stated, the topic should get the reader thinking about the described situation.

The approximate structure is the following one:

  • Introduction. It is much more profitable, to begin with the statistics data, a question, a quote or an anecdote, which will make a reader fix eyes on your paper. Never start with boring introductory sentences which will never make a reader read it to the bitter end.
  • Body Paragraphs. Their length hinges on the theme (in some instances, three paragraphs are enough but if the topic is too broad, you can fit in five paragraphs). This part is devoted to covering the waterfront. All ideas you wish to mention should be packed in this part.
  • Conclusion. This part is devoted to summing-up. Alternatively stated, your overarching goal is devoted to debriefing. You need to sum up what has already been said before and draw a conclusion (explain the goal of your writing once again).

For you to understand how a healthcare essay looks, read our sample below. If you don’t know, how to write your essay, ask us for essay writing help.

Health Care Essay Sample: Health care system in Africa.

Did you ever hear anything about the health care system in Africa? Can we compare it to the level as other countries have? In very deed, a health care system on this continent is growing on an ongoing basis. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that everything is as good as in the USA or European countries. Some districts of Africa still feel like they live in the colonial years. There is a category of people, who still can’t afford to pay for the medical aid. Why does this happen? How to influence this situation? Is it possible to change the situation for the better?

In sober fact, countries in Africa will never achieve the same level as other prosperous countries have until they pay more attention to the level of education and medical system. Some citizens are still thinking that the major part of all diseases can be treated without the professional assistance of healthcare specialists. There is a category of people who suffer from fatal diseases and no one can help them. Today, the whole continent is suffering from the healthcare crisis, which is the main cause of deaths on the continent.

What is the main reason for the bad quality of a health care system? In very deed, the main reason is that there are many districts, located too far from each other and in some instances, it is really hard to reach some areas on time.

Understaffing is another reason. The shortage of experienced and professional healthcare workers across all African countries is one of the main reasons for poor quality of medical aid. The majority of all specialists prefer studying abroad (if their family can afford to pay for the education). If they have a chance to climb out poverty and emigrate abroad, they prefer staying in this country and building their career here.

Corruption also influences a healthcare system as well. It diverts the resources that are necessary for improving the quality of healthcare system. For instances, there is a category of drugs that should be free but they sell them for money. Poor quality of drugs and issues related to their registration result in selling fake medicines that don’t act. Otherwise stated, counterfeited drugs are one of the main problems of this country. The government tries to regulate this situation but it is not profitable for them. For that reason, all these “track and trace” programs don’t work.

In conclusion, we wish to add, the situation in African countries will change for the better only in case the government will combat corruption and start paying more attention to the level of education. All systems are interchangeable and to improve the level of one system, it is necessary to pay attention to the level of another one.

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