How Education Has Changed in the Last 50 Years

If you were to live 50 years ago your education would often end soon after school. Not every kid had the chance to attend a college at the time because of early involvement in manual work. Very few bright students were able to continue studying after the college. They could have experienced struggles with an application process to very few existing at the time universities. In the end, only chosen ones would have a chance to graduate and find jobs in the relevant field. Yes, it was hard. Some of us still can relate to this situation, but in the last decades, education has changed in many ways most of all because of the internet.

Technology has constantly transformed human lives throughout the history. Some might argue that it worsened the way we live. But that might be because they cannot see the big picture. Global data shows that we are now living in the best time in the history. Humanity experiencing the lowest number of conflicts, the longest lifespans and the highest level of education. The Internet made cheap online education available for everyone. It has brought an opportunity for many people to switch to more desirable jobs without spending lots of money and time.

What people usually did if they wanted to change the field of work in the past? They might educate themselves but, in fact, they rarely did it, because at best it would cost a lot of money and cause questions from future employers. No one wanted to be the weird person that only studies for no good reason. Things have changed in the last years because of globalization. Automation of the workforce has led to a worldwide shift in the professions. Fewer people are now involved in a hard manual work, and some of them got a chance to switch to more desirable jobs. As this shift continues, numerous people would become lifelong learners to keep up with the world’s pace.


Educational websites, like Coursera or Khan Academy, completely changed the way we see education. The internet gave us unlimited access to a wide range of free courses and tutorials. There are obvious benefits that learning from home may bring. Anyone from the woman on maternity leave to a retired person could do courses while managing their own timetable and progress. What’s more some of these sites can provide real diplomas from universities to online students after completion.

If in the old-school universities students sometimes used to be caned for things like having messy hair or being constantly late. Yes, you could drop out of Cambridge only for having disorganized look. That was related to sometimes ridiculous sets of rules each Alma mater established to teach its students to behave in a common way. Now it is rare that something that irrelevant can stand on the way to education.


Technology has changed forever the way we learn and the whole process from hard and unavailable become easy and smooth. The Internet has brought many benefits to people around the world. In the future, the amount of education will increase and that means the global rise of wellbeing. The number of new professions is emerging every year and it’s hard to say where we or our children are going to work in a decade.

In this fast-changing world, it’s important to keep track of our progress and sometimes to look back at who we were to find the peace. Family time is priceless and mutual memories are something you would like to save for the future. With time capsule you can do this easily.

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