The Ways Reading Can Improve Your Writing Skills

Reality is made of words. All of our knowledge, culture, and concepts we use in our lives are originate from the language we learned at the very young age. Think about that! Without language, it would be impossible to have cities and countries, to tell someone about your feeling or to build spaceships. Reading played a crucial role in concept learning and shaping of our worldview. Thus, just to understand this world, you should read more.

Writing is a useful tool of communication, it goes together with talking, but unlike it, ability to write is a much wider tool in thoughts expression. The big question is, do reading really can improve our writing skills? And the answer is definitely yes.

How reading affects your writing:

  • It lets you to gain new knowledge and to develop your own opinion
  • It helps you to understand existing genres, techniques, styles
  • It upgrades your vocabulary
  • It helps to understand the language on the intuitive level without memorizing actual grammar rules

Read to raise your creativity and inspiration

What if Mozart would never have to listen to the music at the early age? In that case, he would never become a musician. In a way, every kind of art is a remixing, and writing is also a form of art, even if you are not a professional writer. A clear expression of thoughts takes usage of basic prose rules and some inspiration, without which your essay will seem blank. And it goes far beyond that. Every book is adding to your imagination, and this reflects on your creativity.

The book is your window to the world

To understand people’s actions, psychology, history, narratives and the world you need to read. A lot. And I’m not talking about specific literature referring to the above topics, you can and should read everything, even pieces you don’t like. It’s great also to understand why you do not like them and to justify your position. As you have all rights to have your own viewpoint about every piece of text you read. By that, you will learn how to reason and give opinions, which the majority of writing tasks in college or university contains.

Reading improves concentration

If we would list out five most useful skills for the adult life, ability to focus would head the record. And simply reading more, improves concentration significantly. When we read, our brain is very focused, sometimes it so immersed in the story, outside world would almost stop to exist. For us. But it is important to be able to focus on different written pieces, especially from new fields for the reader, like science or economics. News, articles, and long-reads are all great for that. Consuming more of them will improve concentration. I know that it’s always difficult to concentrate on something for a long period of time but with constant training, it will get easier, trust me. The ability to retain the attention on demand will also make you a good writer.

Link two processes together

A lot of famous thinkers recommend taking notes while sitting with a book. Nothing will teach you more efficiently how to write out your thoughts, than summarizing on what you just read on the paper. Ability to extract the essential information is priceless. To improve your memory and get actual benefits from the book grab a pencil! But you should keep your notes as concise as possible, it will improve your understanding of the material, as you’ll reread and memorize it. You can also get more graphical and creative there, as long as you can recreate main ideas of the book or article after, just by looking at your summary. Also, you can copy the whole phrases or maxims you liked the most. That will allow you to memorize and quote them in your essays afterward.

Explore writing styles to make them your tools

Books will be your teachers in different situations in the language usage field. Keep in mind, that language is a strong method of the influence. And whether you need to promote your business on the internet, apply for a dream job or to create a meaningful post in the social media, you will need to use tricks and techniques of copywriting. We all use language. But some of us might struggle, while others become pen sharks. And being one doesn’t mean you have to turn into a writer straight away, it’s just will be your ace in the sleeve in any possible fields.

Boost your brain significantly

Last studies show reading is vital for your brain. It helps blood to flow to different zones, improving it’s functioning and connectivity, in this way people who read are unlikely to have the Alzheimer’s disease. Identifying yourself with characters helps to develop empathy or insightfulness. This, for example, can allow you to see through people and their intentions. Also reading has been proved as a great stress reliever, hence, if you had the bad day just grab the book and relax while upgrading at the same time.


Literature broadens our minds, it helps us to communicate more effectively, and constantly nourishes new writers. You might be the one to ignite the future crowd with a word. By changing our vocabulary we changing our reality, it’s magical what people actually can do with all this black and white tools, known as letters. As I write down my opinions and thoughts, and read them after, in this loop, I understand myself better and become able to create a superior text. Reading more improves the way we organize thoughts, and that elevates self-reflection and consciousness. At the start, it will be hard to concentrate at the material before your eyes for some significant period, but keep up as it is only a matter of time and practice that will make you both a good reader and writer.

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