How to Choose Research Paper Topic

The biggest challenge of any high school student is to choose the best theme for their research paper. At a glance, this task seems to be easy but in sober fact, this is the main tricky part of this assignment. Our primary goal is to share the secrets of choosing a winning theme and show students that this task can be as simple as twice two makes four.

What Makes a Good Research Paper topic?

Commonly, teachers don’t make students write their research papers on a particular theme. They just provide them with the guidelines and tell them what issues or aspects should be covered in their research. The remaining portion of work should be done by students. The most problematic part of work is to start writing. The preliminary work takes more time than writing itself. Choosing a topic is the main part of a preliminary work which in some instances makes students struggle.

What should you do to select the best theme? If you wish to forget about all struggles related to the topic selection, make yourself familiar with the main tips below:

  • Never take a topic which is not familiar to you. A research paper is a solid piece of work and you can’t just take several similar papers and rewrite the information. You should conduct your personal research (which is the most difficult part). For that reason, you should have a clue about the theme and be aware of various peculiarities.
  • Browse the web in search of the inspiration. In some instances, you haven’t the foggiest idea where to start your research, but several minutes on the web can help you render the best decision. You’ll see that many students work on different topics and probably this information will help you find what particular area you wish to explore in your research.
  • Consult your teacher. This piece of advice is for those who can’t render a correct decision and embark on writing their paper. You should talk to your tutor, who knows you well enough. This person knows you pretty well and can give a few pointers on what theme is necessary for you.

These are the main rules you should walk after. Having reflected on these tips, students arrive at the best decision and embark on writing.

Samples of the Best Research Paper Topics

If the above-mentioned information didn’t help you select a topic, read our examples below. Perhaps, these tips will help you focus on what you wish to explore and stop your reservations.

  1. What is the origin of rock music?
  2. What are the after-effects of heroin and nicotine? Can you compare both?
  3. Trace the origin of the Roman art.
  4. What influenced the origin of the American culture?
  5. Is there a difference between jails and prisons?
  6. Evolution of the mobile phones (start with the first models and finish with the models of the future).
  7. Is it possible to forbid alcohol on the planet?
  8. Is it possible to stop and prevent cyber crimes in the 21st century?
  9. Why are sexually transmitted illnesses still the social scourge?
  10. How to prevent greenhouse effect in the 21st century?
  11. Can the world have the next atomic warfare?
  12. Explain the main causes of depression and show how to combat this illness.
  13. Can a healthy diet prevent cancer?
  14. The impact of Michelangelo on the development of arts.
  15. The importance of seven hours of sleep for a human being.
  16. Is it possible to prevent air disasters in the 21st century?
  17. The role of women in the modern society.
  18. How to prevent the addiction to drugs in students?
  19. What do you think about the death penalty? Should it be outlawed?
  20. Eating disorders in teenagers. What are the main reasons?
  21. How do the social networking sites influence the American teenagers?
  22. The influence of the music treatment on mental illnesses.
  23. Terrorist attacks in the USA (trace their history and influence on the American culture).
  24. Why is gender discrimination still a problem for the modern society?
  25. The problem of poverty in the 21st century. How to decrease the level of poverty in some countries?
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