How to Avoid Plagiarisms in Your Essay

Guidance in compiling unique essays

If you resort to plagiarism in school, college or during an investigation, you can quickly lose respect, face serious problems in the institute and, even, erase all the chances to build a brilliant career. To protect yourself from conscious or unconscious plagiarism, you need to learn more about this phenomenon. Avoiding objectionable moments associated with plagiarism in learning and further work will help to understand the term itself and every characteristic, associated with it.

What is called plagiarism

Plagiarism is a reiteration of a very similar imitation of the another person`s thoughts with attribution of their authorship. Unlike citations, when statements are allocated in oral speech or writing, regarding the original source, the inculcation in some literary rip-off can turn the author into serious troubles. The corresponding situation applies to schoolchildren, students, candidates for a scientific degree, writers, applicants of severe positions and many others.

Professors have a serious attitude to such a task like writing essays. Every year the education system become more computerized and modern programs are used to identify author`s cheating. This approach is a lot of trouble for students who prefer to rewrite, download from the Internet and hand over existing versions prepared by others. As a result, the learning process is significantly more complicated: the work is not accepted, the estimates are reduced, the program “debts” are growing quickly. Against the backdrop of such a situation, progress falls, which leads to immersion in the stressful condition of all participants in the process – teachers, parents and the student himself.

You can learn how to express your thoughts, to be able to feel and communicate to your audience through your vision of the problem, without rewriting other people’s ideas, at the school, college or institute. It becomes possible due to the preparation of essays, term works, diplomas and different types of written works on various subjects. It will be easy to understand how to avoid plagiarism by the instrumentality of drafting an essay.

How to protect the essay from plagiarism

Only a small percentage of people are inventing something new, bring to the humankind innovations. Substantially, in the world, there are interpretations and derivatives from a quality original. The essay is a short presentation of author’s thoughts on the chosen topic. Such work can be compared with writing, as a result of which there will be a novelty effect. When preparing a written article, one must always remember a few statements:

  • Synonyms and semantic substitutions are not alternative processing of initial version.
  • A bibliographic list of sources used in the article and tagging within the text should be indicated at the final part of the text, so the author is not accused of plagiarism when the essay is ready.
  • To form his vision, the author should study several sources to understand the topic, and then convey his thoughts and perception of what he has read. Analyzing the obtained information, the statement in its own words reduces the probability of plagiarism, since it will avoid repeating the words, phrases the whole texts written by the others.

Attention! Application of well-known facts in one`s article or research work is not plagiarism. Infringement of copyrights is tracing the way of information presentation by another author (manner of speech, utterances, different phrases).

Tips for compiling an original essay

It happens that a student who has received an assignment to write an essay lacks a literary talent or for several reasons cannot correctly understand the topic. A few useful tips will be helpful for those who are inclined to write their essays without the risk of being caught in plagiarism:

• Do not copy large sections of the original text.

If you are not able to make your work unique, use the method of combination: a copied paragraph, highlighted in the form of a borrowed statement, after which several paragraphs of personal reasoning.

• Carefully edit the information applied in composition.

• “Run” your essay through specialized computer programs that allow you to determine the percentage of the uniqueness of the text.

If you follow simple rules when drafting an essay, you avoid problems when checking work for the presence of plagiarism and help to achieve high results.

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