How to write a 500 word essay and save your nerves?

Whether you are a college or a university student, or still studying in school, essays are the most common assignment that you receive from your teachers or professors. A standard format of writing assignment you have to cope with is a 500 words essay. Writing skills are vital for admissions or scholarships, as well as for everyday curriculum tasks. While for the best students this assignment is another chance to shine in what they do with pleasure, for other students it appears a ‘catastrophe’. Indeed, many students by far do not enjoy writing tasks and they become the most dreadful assignment ever. If it is an academic essay specific requirements should be provided. Although 500 words are not as much as, for example, a term paper or thesis, this type of essay also demands a proper preparation beforehand. Writing an essay seems quite easy once you follow the fundamental parameters and get a good comprehension of the given topic. A 500 word paper is not a ‘monstrous’ volume of work. But if you want to get a good feedback from your teacher or boost your knack for creative thinking, then this work will take a while. How to take your essay to another level? We hope that following tips will be helpful for you to master the art of fabricating brilliant texts.

A blank paper: where to begin from?

Have you ever experienced the fear of blank paper? We know how troublesome and arduous it might be sometimes: you have to get down to your assignment paper, especially when you still have not got a clear vision of how it should look like. Even if you accomplish writing tasks on a regular basis, you make have taken into a groove of following one and the same ‘essay formula’. When you stick into the rut it can be pretty hard to keep your thoughts fresh. First of all, you should pick a topic and develop an understanding of the specific task. If you were not assigned a concrete topic of the task, this gives you free reign to choose the theme you are specifically interested in. At the same time, it may take an extra effort to find the subject appealing to your scope of curiosity. At this point, estimate your goals. Decide on whether you have educational purposes in mind or you are keen on persuading a reader. In case you were given a topic, opt for the type of paper you would like to create: provide a general overview or narrow to the aspect you want to focus attention on. Of course, it brings much more pleasure to produce a paper if you are fascinated by the subject. If not, it may require some endurance and self-composure but ultimately, nothing is impossible.

Do not turn a completing a typical school/college into terrible torture, trying to force yourself to jot down at least anything. Take your time to do an extensive research on the web or read other people’s essays regarding this theme. Reading papers of others stimulates molding your own style and builds up your vocabulary. Basically, the more you read, the more captivating and useful techniques you will pick out. Apart from that, this will teach you how to organize and structure your thoughts in an appropriate manner working out personal writing strategies.

After you have absorbed enough information, you will find ideas which will become a source of inspiration for making up your own ideas. Then approach to making an outline and the first draft using the ideas that emerge in your mind. Your draft will be very helpful at several points: framework and structure your essay, define the main thesis statement ( a general idea) of the work and evolve the backing examples and arguments you will use to support your point of view. Add up persuasive points and references to your outline to devise a coherent and perfectly structured text. As a rule, academic essays (unlike the creative ones) require a proper structure to be used. Despite the small size, 500 word essay should nevertheless comprise such parts of narration, as:

  • introduction (in this part give an orientation for a subject: introduce the general theme of your work with one-two sentences; use the phrases describing thesis that will drive a reader in a particular direction as if luring him into the main body of the text. In other words, introduction draws readers’ attention.);
  • the main body (this is the largest part of your essay, in which you have to describe thesis statement as explicitly as possible. Develop arguments, explain opinion in detail and establish discussion. Show the grasp of the material you have rummaged through and set out the arguments. Bear in mind that opinion is just an opinion without a solid basis of evidence, examples and supporting references – do your best to persuade a reader of the validity of your argument. If your main question consists of more than one statement, deal with each of them in a definite order, do not mix up the ideas with one another.);
  • conclusion (brings a logical closure, solution to the main point of argument. At this spot you have to available options: settle down the conflict aroused in the main body giving a reader a sense of satisfaction; as an alternative, make the conclusions vague making a reader decide concerning the statement by himself. You can leave the audience without a concrete ultimate answer, giving a free space for further thoughts.).

A key issue is to keep your thoughts snappy and concise in the first and the third part of the paper. In the main body follow right the opposite strategy. Give a detailed and comprehensive answer to the argument. Keep in mind that to ensure clear and well-structured main body, each paragraph should contain the following parts:

  • an introducing sentence that exposes the controlling or main idea;
  • your point of view with supporting arguments in your favor;
  • evidence should give a ground to your opinion: take an example from readings of the according subject area;
  • work through the exemplified evidence and make the extensive analysis – do not simply leave it hanging in the text;
  • a conclusion sentence summarizes aforementioned argument points and restates your point.

To create a truly compelling and persuasive essay consider the following tips:

  1. stick to the relevant writing style: do not run to extremes as well, making your narration whether too dull or excessively poetic. All the same, keep a reader involved with some tricks that intent to evoke some feelings. Add up some juice to an essay making audience more receptive and engaged;
  2. keep your sentences and paragraphs in appropriate order. Logic makes an essay more structured;
  3. after you are done, set your paper aside for a while, then check it once again with a fresh vision;
  4. another good idea is to ask someone to look through your work and bring in corrections.

In a series of cases, you may experience tough problems with writing an essay. Writing assignment requires being capable of both creative and critical thinking – and that can be just not for you. Even if you are brilliant at writing, all of us lack inspiration and resources from time to time. Or you just don’t feel comfortable with the topic but the deadline is coming closer and you get more anxious. Here is the answer: give the responsibility for your 500 word essay to the crew of professionals who are really passionate about writing. Our experts will make up the paper of the highest quality and fully compliant with your wishes, requirements and instructions. Our writers are devoted to researching and bringing excellent results. Your task will be assigned to the one who is experienced and proficient in the respective subject. We offer professional help to our customers in writing essays of any academic level and in all spheres of study. Each paper is of prior importance for us – it will be properly cited and referenced. We deliver 100% plagiarism papers since our clients’ reputation is what we care about most of all. We will be more than glad to help you with your 500 word essay of any complexity: ordering with us you ensure “A” grad and the best feedback! Save your time and nerves with!

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