Persuasive Speech Topics for High School & College Students

Public speeches are not given to everyone easily. But thanks to practice and belief in yourself, you can achieve success. It is very good that during the high school is constantly practiced persuasive speech. Students learn how to express their thoughts aloud and talk about important for the modern world topics.

The persuasive speech is specific speech when you need to follow the reason. Your main purpose is to convince the audience of your point of view. Good persuasive speech is that one when you beat one of this two-goal: change the belief or reinforce the opinion.

Before you are able to do that public speech, you should think about the topic. There are lots of them and some are better than others.

There is no need to choose a theme that will please others. But you need to choose the theme which should be interesting not only for you but for your audience too.

Also, you need to choose should it be a positive or a negative speech. After that, you can list themes by such criterion as listed below.

You can take a topic which creates mental pictures in the mind because it will help you to convey information to the listeners accurately. That’s why high school student usually chooses the variety of speech topics that allows being entertaining during the performance. But you may want to know it justified to pick speech topics for provoking the audience? And the answer is yes. Stirring up the emotions is the great way to keep the audience attention.

Why should you think about the topic carefully?

Because of which topic you will choose depends on the success of your whole speech.

You can start by considering these topics for a persuasive speech for high schoolers.


1. Why are we stressed after only a few hours of sleep?

Explain what sleeping it is and what is going on with our organism during the sleeping process. Then discuss how it affects the level of stress in our organism.

2. Why are we paying too much for healthy food?

You can tell the audience why we need to eat healthy food. And then discuss the reasons why it is expensive.


1. Overthinking is bad for our inner world

Should there be overthinking in our life or not. Introduce a lot of examples here.

2. Does success come with time management skills?

There is a necessity to plan our daily lives. Try to explain to people how many hours of the day they spend on unnecessary things.


1. Should technologies replace our textbooks?

Read through the latest researches on technologies impact on our lives and decide how to prove this statement.

2. Why is it crucial to be prepared before school?

Find what is the education before school and then explain to the audience how earlier a person can become successful if starts to study before school.


1. Why all of us should swim once a week?

Swimming is the best way to keep the body fit and have pleasure during sports exercises.

2. Sport is not about defeating others

Explain what was sport created for and how the modern society ruins it.

Everyday life

1. Stereotypes ruin our lives

Tell about the importance of accepting anyone only after the communication and how not to put the labels on others.

2. Supporting charities help this world

Should the person spend her/his time helping for free or giving money to charities when she/he could spend them on something, she/he likes.

10 best topics for high school

  1. Hunting should be illegal
  2. Stop plastic pollution before the earth become a mess
  3. Bullying should not exist in the modern world
  4. We should stop using biological weapons
  5. Are atheists immoral people?
  6. Pirating films and music should be punished
  7. Does money is the payment for happiness?
  8. What affect teenagers to suicide?
  9. Use your full potential to live a happy life
  10. Spontaneous life is the best one


Music and phones

  1. If you really want to relax, just turn on the music
  2. How music contributes both to the individual and to the society
  3. Why people commit suicide after listening to sad and depressive songs
  4. Daily usage if smartphone should be as less as it is possible


  1. Why should you stop to buy animals and only adopt them?
  2. If you want to be happy, have a pet at home
  3. Should we sell pets?
  4. Why the world is divided into two parts: cat lovers and dog lovers?
  5. A child who lives with a dog in the house is more kind and happy
  6. Why is it a risk to have an exotic pet?
  7. Using plants to create the oil is the safest option for the environment
  8. The amazing advantages of having your own horse
  9. Why do you need to stop using a car?
  10. The positive effects of implementing hybrid cars
  11. You should take personal responsibility for what are you doing for nature
  12. How can we prove that everything is okay with recycled paper?
  13. The recycling process could help to protect the Earth from dying
  14. Plastic bottles and bosses should be recycled and never used again
  15. The negative effect of palm oil
  16. How having a cat benefits you?
  17. We need to stop killing marine creatures
  18. Protecting the animals is the right way to live
  19. If the temperature rises cause of Global Warming?
  20. Are the existing regulations to protect the environment enough?
  21. Exotic plants and animals at home should be restricted
  22. The problem with the usage of natural resources
  23. The negative effects of pollution today
  24. Why are electric cars the only ones we should in daily life?
  25. The problem with fishing restrictions
  26. If we stop protect the Earth from ourselves, are we going to live in the rubbish?
  27. Why we should spend more money on alternative energy sources?
  28. The regulation to protect ocean life are insufficient
  29. There are ways to stop polluting the Earth today


  1. Do we know the true meaning of IQ?
  2. Will artificial intelligence cause unemployment in the future?
  3. Is it ethical to clone animals and humans? Why or why not?
  4. Does the speed growth of technologies cause stress?
  5. Which punishment we should use for people who spread viruses?
  6. Do we need open source code?
  7. Why Microsoft is the best company in documents sphere?
  8. Should cloning be forbidden?
  9. Cryptocurrency in the 21 century
  10. New technologies to detect problem cars
  11. What are the disadvantages of pesticides?
  12. Why Java is not that effective?
  13. Should I still use a computer or the phone is enough?


  1. The idea to protect ourselves from toxic rain
  2. Is it fair that celebrities earn too much?
  3. Why are we paying a lot for modern art if it does not make sense?
  4. Are monarchies alive in the 21 century?
  5. Your charisma level is not increased when you are a smoker
  6. What would happen if women ruled the world?
  7. Are expensive organic foods really healthy?
  8. Does modern films and cartoons have a bad impact on children?
  9. Boys have an easier life than girls. Want to know why?
  10. Are ghosts real?
  11. Why we should not close the bars and have parties all night?
  12. Mothers with crying babies should not be in the public places
  13. What is better: Coke or Pepsi?
  14. Are pink clothes only for women or men should wear it too?
  15. Humorous pick-up lines work
  16. How to beat stereotypes about blondes
  17. Who is a greater gossip: man or woman?
  18. Why should students be allowed to drink any alcohol at school?
  19. They should assign PE writing homework
  20. Never let your parents become your FaceBook friends/followers
  21. Moms are funnier than dads
  22. Why essays written by hand are pointless?

Ethical issues

  1. How much money and goods do poor people got from the charities.
  2. Should we use the death penalty in the 21 century?
  3. Eating meat is okay.
  4. Fur clothes are the awful one.
  5. Should women be a plumber?
  6. Euthanasia should be legal.
  7. Why do women still have their genitals artificially deformed and why we should no longer take it
  8. No more stereotypes about other people.
  9. We should stop testing products on animals.
  10. Should we try to influence our unborn children’s genetics?

Healthy lifestyle

  1. Why are we labeling genetically modified foods?
  2. There is too much alcohol in people lives.
  3. Kids need to prepare food for themselves.
  4. Cooking classes are important in schools.
  5. Never throw away unsold food products.
  6. Adding sugar to food is unhealthy.
  7. We need to grow crops by ourselves.
  8. That’s why you should add more fruit and vegetables to your diet.
  9. Will we eat food in a pill in the future?
  10. Peanuts – the main food for our brain.
  11. Orange juice – the best summer drink.
  12. Should we visit farmers’ markets in the 21 century?
  13. Should we change our food for exclusively organic food products cause of quality?
  14. The harmful impact of artificial chemicals on our organism.

Why do we create that big list of themes? Because we believe that to be able to present the topic high school students should have a big variety from what to pick and find something that is related to their heart and mind. The student must choose the informative and essential issue and also be comfortable to elaborate on it, defend it and create a powerful thesis.

What else could you do?

Try to read persuasive essay topics. They are similar to these but have other ideas too. Then list the most favorite topics and choose the ideal one for you.

The use of the writing guide will help you to know better the structure.

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