Industrial Revolution Essay Writing Guide and Sample

Writing assignment is often accompanied with pen-nibbling and blank stare. To prevent it, here is the example of how a good essay should be written. Before getting down to any kind of essay you need to make a plan. It will significantly alleviate the writing process. Remember the rule of the three golden threads which must be always woven together? Right, that’s the introduction, main body and conclusion. Take into account the following tips on the content the three parts should contain.

Introduction. The greatest mistake students commit at this particular point is describing the impacts the Industrial Revolution had on the country. You will do it a bit later. The introduction should logically prepare a reader for the main body. Explain when and what prompted the Revolution. Let the reader dive in the time the changes happened.

Main body. This is the place where you will describe the effects the Revolution produced on the country. Try to cover social, economic and cultural transformations throughout the territory. Use the brightest examples to capture readers’ attention. Don’t waffle. Vague and unclear sentences guarantee your failure. That is why be succinct and eloquent simultaneously. It means: short sentences accentuating the development of the people during the industrial shift.

Conclusion. Here is a common mistake students tend to make. On any account should you mention a new piece of information at the end of the essay. Your task is to recapitulate all the above-mentioned facts. In other words, paraphrase the written earlier. Mind the size of the conclusion! It should not be as lengthy as the main body.

Another useful tip is watching YouTube lectures on the assigned topic. There will be plenty of videos from which you can find out something new, not mentioned in the textbook. Teachers usually highly appreciate such an approach to the assignment. Online libraries are your helping hand on the matter as well. Pick several influential books and make references while mentioning the information taken from them.

Let’s apply the rules on the sheet of paper

The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain began at the end of the eighteenth century. It doesn’t mean that on a bright Monday morning the country has changed beyond recognition. It was a complicated process which involved a range of changes that boiled into the revolution. Here is the logical link that has led the country to crucial events: England lost colonial America – The system of land-ownership has fallen apart – The invention of simple machines.

Now that one of the most lucrative colonies had gone, the government decided to alter their way of development. The rulers realized that they live on a small island and are isolated from the rest of the world. They had to be strong and ready for any kind of danger. The sense of self-reliance must have embedded in the mind of the British. Their challenge was to fulfill all the tasks, in reality, to make the country more powerful.

Another question arises: “What was the Industrial Revolution about?” Money, labor and demand. To be more precise, some English families made great fortunes and put the money into growing merchant banks. Now that the land was owned by these rich families (landlords), they rent it to farmers at a certain amount of money. To cultivate the soil workers were hired. Thus, the system of the hired labor market was created.

Another point is the invention of machinery. The well-known spinning Jenny gave an impetus to a shift from manual work to factory production. It required lots of money. The country had it from trade of goods and slaves. The inventions were perfected within the time what enabled factory building throughout the area. It was so thanks to the steam engine invented by James Watt. The emergence of factories completely changed the life of workers. Such concepts as the schedule of work and 12 hour working day appeared.

However, the things weren’t as bright as it might seem. The reason for it was the way the owners treated the workers. They did their best to rip them off as much as possible. Numerous fines for delays and foul language were imposed on laborers.

The people who were against such a rude attitude were called the Luddites. They manifested their protest by breaking the machinery on purpose. The factory owners immediately reacted to it. The legislation of a ferocious law made everyone tremble with fear. The essence of the law was the following: those who damaged the equipment had to be sentenced to death by hang.

This is when the feeling of self-respect and decent working conditions originated. The British must be the first nation in the world who realized their dignity and pride in what they do. Nowadays, the adjective “snobbish” is often associated with them. It does not wonder at all. The English strived for better life and worked hard to get it. That is why they cherish their country and are so proud of being British by origin.

The both sides, the factory owners and workers were wrong and both found the key to success. If people are treated well, they work well and produce goods of high quality. The changes were not only in the industry but in people’s minds. The citizens demanded the improvement of medical service, sanitary norms, better nutrition. After all, they got them. So, the results were really rewarding.

To sum it up, it worth mentioning that the first Industrial Revolution was of incomparable value for the people. They made a great headway not even realizing it. The quality of lives left behind lots of European countries at those times. Therefore, the nation set the bar high in terms of machinery, labor market and work management. As we can see, the impacts were tremendous since we feel them in the 21st century.

We do hope that the theoretical and practical materials will help you create another masterpiece. Keep writing even if you are not sure whether you are doing the task in the right way. Put into words all the thoughts buzzing inside your head. Afterwards, start ordering them according to the structure presented above. Don’t be afraid to season the essay with your own vision of the topic. The more you conclude by yourself the higher your paper will be graded. Put on your thinking cap and you will produce an absorbing project worth the best accolades.

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