Pride and Prejudice Essay Sample and Guide

Have no idea how to deal with essays? Search for valuable pieces of advice? The web environment comprises an awful lot of different instructions, but not all of them are provided with samples. We are going to give students a fair opportunity to make themselves familiar with the useful guidelines and examples. As a result, you will see instruction and a sample which will help you create a meaningful descriptive essay, if you will failed with this, our online assignment help is ready.

Essay Guide

If you deal with descriptive essays, your important mission is to draw your picture using words. Otherwise stated, your primary objective is to read one or another book or story and create an essay by this book. The principal aim of a writer is to describe one or another person, situation, object or place. Your core purpose is to involve the targeted audience in the story you create. Alternatively stated, this essay should appeal the emotions of the core audience.

Steps to Follow

Dealing with descriptive essays, you need to perform the following stages:

  • Conduct research. Think of the theme you wish to cover and do your research. As a result, you will learn the material and determine what particular aspects you want to include in your essay.
  • Create a draft. Drafting is crucially important because it helps you to understand what particular aspects should be mentioned. Besides, you will have a chance to change one or another thing.
  • Writing the story. In some instances, students don’t understand what exactly they should do. Instead of showing, they tell a story. When the critical audience reads your essay, they should smell the trees, hear the voices, feel the person, etc.
  • Revision Phase. The fundamental purpose of this phase is to allow students to modify and reorganize their writing. Now, your main objective is to improve the quality of writing, correct all mistakes and polish it.

These are the main phases you need to undergo while writing your essay. Our final advice is the following one – structure your paper, make it clear and understandable for the audience.

For you to understand how a descriptive essay should look like, we prepared a sample. We took the novel “Pride and Prejudice” written by Jane Austen as a basis.

Essay Sample

The novel “Pride and Prejudice” written by a well-known writer Jane Austen is the best book, representing the history of Great Britain at the end of the eighteenth century. Reading this novel, you will make yourself familiar with the social fabric of this century and see the ways the patriarchal society survived.

Many themes were discussed in this novel, but the main one is focused on the way to real love! Elizabeth Bennet is the key character of this story. The story is about this young woman who tries to find her passion avoiding all obstacles appearing on her way to the happiness. At a glance, this is a delicate woman, but she is the embodiment of love. This period was very complicated for women because all they could do was to follow the pieces of advice given by their parents. They decided the fate of their kids and chose their future husbands. As a result, not all women knew what love was. Elizabeth was a different girl because she insisted on searching for her love. Traditional marriage of dignity was not for her!

She didn’t want to marry a wealthy man. She tried to find a man who could appreciate and love her. As a result, she met a handsome man – Mr. Darcy. That was a top-bracket man who wasn’t going to fall in love with Elizabeth. This novel is an inextricable love story of two people: Mr. Darcy, sophisticated and moderate aristocrat and Elizabeth – a spontaneous girl who came from an ignoble family. A man is in the chains of pride, and a woman is in captivity to prejudice.

Gradually, they understood each other and fell in love. At a glance, this is a traditional love story, but we must conclude that at the end of the eighteenth century a happy marriage of two people from different social categories was a pie in the sky. Love can conquer everything, and you will understand this as soon as you read this novel!

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