Abortion Argumentative Essay


Your task speaks for itself in what way you are to wright your essay. How exactly you should do your research. An argumentative work is not like an ordinary one where you reveal own view on the subject. The writer rather persuade the audience to support someone’s arguments. You must deeply investigate given discussion as it is supposed to be very controversial topic. Themes on essays are ussually vexed social problems and issues. So you will have two opposite opinions – for and against. First of all, you should be a hundred percent informed in your investigating area. Collect differrent beliefs of both sides people and experts. While doing that you are to make the outline of your future essay. And then you put together an outline and it helps you to make your essay well-structured. Many people struggle with such baffling task to put all their though on the paper at the same time following basic requirements. It includes an introduction, a proposal or an argument, several evidence or more, a refutation of the opposing opinion is an integral part of such kind of topic and conclusion. More details about the structure of essay you will find a little bit further.

The abortion debate is endlessly discussing topic. Opinions are like anine. On my opinion it is rather sensitive topic so impossible to find a middle ground. On the whole, there are two distinct categories among arguments those who are against this procedure and those who are for legalization.

Some people claim it is a murder and crime. On their opinion abortion applies killing a human fetus. It often features in terms of religious and morality. But another group of people see that topic from another point of view. I would say with more skeptic view. They regard abortion as free choice of each person. Sometimes under painful circumstances a baby can be unwanted because in case when a woman is raped she will just hate her child. Medical complications can cause birth defects,instability in a family’s relationships, poor woman and teenagers all this factors should be taken into consideration.

Abortion Argumentative Essay Structure

Let’s get to work and structure your essay.

Introduction should begin with a thesis. Show here why abortion discussion is essential for a society. You should choose whose side you are on or just be a third party and make a general conclusions. Give general information and move to the next stage of your work.

Second paragraph should investigating one side of debate. Show the reasons why abortion should be forbidden. People regard abortion as destroying the original plan of God for humanity. Mention that a fetus is capable of feeling pain as a nervous system is already formed by 9 weeks. You are to provide strong arguments such as scans and doctors’ evidence.

Third paragraph involves representing another point of view on this subject. It is really painful question for discussion and includes different aspects of social life. It is almost impossible to find a right decision. Introduce the aspects, for instance, nobody has rights to interfere in person’s life, pregnancy can cause the struggles both for a woman and a baby. Give the incontrovertible argument to support this opinion. Use statistics, books, experts’ evidence, social facts.

Leave fourth paragraph for a refutation both sides of debate. If the writer is a third party in the essay he can give his personal opinion or general information why certain opinion cannot prevail another point of view.

Conclusion should repeat a main theme of the work and summarize the whole project. At the end you can call other people to develop this discussion and why it is important not to remain indifferent to this question.

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